Super Weekend Guide Brings Marshmallow Festival and More

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Check out this weekend’s rolês in yet another edition of the Super Guia Music Non Stop. Marshmallow Festivalbecause the sweetest thing in life is being yourself This Friday, the 14th, the first edition of the Marshmallow Festival, a music festival that promotes diversity in 12 consecutive hours of concerts … Read more

Can a human microglial atlas guide brain disorder analysis?

Journal Reference: Katia de Paiva Lopes, Gijsje J. L. Snijders, Jack Humphrey, Amanda Allan, Marjolein A. M. Sneeboer, Elisa Navarro, Brian M. Schilder, Ricardo A. Vialle, Madison Parks, Roy Missall, Welmoed van Zuiden, Frederieke A. J. Gigase, Raphael Kübler, Amber Berdenis van Berlekom, Emily M. Hicks, Chotima Bӧttcher, Josef Priller, René S. Kahn, Lot D. … Read more

The Hitchhiker’s guide to the soil

Journal Reference: Xin You, René Kallies, Ingolf Kühn, Matthias Schmidt, Hauke Harms, Antonis Chatzinotas, Lukas Y. Wick. Phage co-transport with hyphal-riding bacteria fuels bacterial invasion in a water-unsaturated microbial model system. The ISME Journal, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41396-021-01155-x There are up to one billion viruses in just one gram of soil. However, little is known about … Read more

Brig celebrates 10 years of career with “Long Life”. Here are the featuring, the producers and the guide to listening to the songs

Argument new album coming out. Here comes the December 10 Long life, a disc consisting of 13 tracks with 10 featuring including Emis Killa, The Three, Villabanks, Random e Anna Tatangelo. Long life, outgoing for Honiro Label, takes its title from the album’s leading song, in which the rapper, who in 10 years of career … Read more

Curumin’s Nova is the highlight of the week in our release guide

short Music Non Stop no Facebook You can’t fail to check out the music selection that we’ve lovingly set aside for you weekly. Releases are coming, a lot of music, but there are things we have to show you. It’s “recording the tape” for those we love. Curumin e Nellê raised the level of Brazilian … Read more

Empowered festivals, Rita Lee and lots of music in her Super Guide

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Samsung Rock Exhibition Rita Lee Rita Lee has a collection on display in an exhibition full of surprises at MIS, in São Paulo. The exhibition about the greatest rocker on the planet has free indication and can be seen from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm. … Read more

Arctic krill use twilight to guide their daily rhythms through the polar winter

Journal Reference: Jonathan H. Cohen, Kim S. Last, Corie L. Charpentier, Finlo Cottier, Malin Daase, Laura Hobbs, Geir Johnsen, Jørgen Berge. Photophysiological cycles in Arctic krill are entrained by weak midday twilight during the Polar Night. PLOS Biology, 2021; 19 (10): e3001413 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001413 The researchers measured midday light intensity during winter months in the … Read more

Gaia: guide to listening to the new album, “Alma”. The authors, the producers, the songs …

It is out of the October 29 Alma, the second album by the Italian-Brazilian singer-songwriter, already winner of Friends of Maria De Filippi edition number 20, Gaia. This new project promises to encompass all the souls of the singer-songwriter who, on November 21st, will be the first Italian artist to perform on the stage of … Read more

Oliver Onions: guide to listening to the new album, “FUTURE MEMORABILIA”, song by song

He’s out Friday 29 October FUTURE MEMORABILIA, new album by the historic duo of Oliver Onions. Ten songs remained in the collective imagination of all revisited with new arrangements and the presence of exceptional guests. When they call us a milestone in Italian musical history, it seems like a huge compliment to us. What is … Read more