Efficient organic solar cells processed from green solvents

Journal Reference: Haiyang Chen, Rui Zhang, Xiaobin Chen, Guang Zeng, Libor Kobera, Sabina Abbrent, Ben Zhang, Weijie Chen, Guiying Xu, Jiyeon Oh, So-Huei Kang, Shanshan Chen, Changduk Yang, Jiri Brus, Jianhui Hou, Feng Gao, Yaowen Li, Yongfang Li. A guest-assisted molecular-organization approach for >17% efficiency organic solar cells using environmentally friendly solvents. Nature Energy, 2021; … Read more

Covid, news di oggi. Ue: “Vaccino per bambini 5-11 anni dal 13 dicembre”. Variante Omicron e Super Green Pass, boom di prime dosi

Il Vaccino covid per bambini da 5 anni sarà disponibile dal 13 dicembre, lo ha annunciato la presidente Ue Von der Leyen. Si attende per oggi anche il parere dell’Aifa sul vaccino Covid Pfizer ai bambini dopo il sì dell’Ema: boom di prime dosi di vaccino in vista del Super Green Pass in vigore dal … Read more

Vaccination against Covid-19: the European green light accelerates reflections on the vaccination of children

An 11-year-old child waits after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, in Montreal, Que., On November 24, 2021. ANDREJ IVANOV / AFP It is the first vaccine against Covid-19 authorized for children in Europe. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced Thursday, November 25, that it has approved the use of Pfizer-BioNTech’s messenger RNA vaccine for children … Read more

Pathway for ‘green ammonia’ opens in a combined experimental and computational study

Journal Reference: Qianru Wang, Jaysree Pan, Jianping Guo, Heine Anton Hansen, Hua Xie, Ling Jiang, Lei Hua, Haiyang Li, Yeqin Guan, Peikun Wang, Wenbo Gao, Lin Liu, Hujun Cao, Zhitao Xiong, Tejs Vegge, Ping Chen. Ternary ruthenium complex hydrides for ammonia synthesis via the associative mechanism. Nature Catalysis, 2021; 4 (11): 959 DOI: 10.1038/s41929-021-00698-8 There … Read more

Sharbat Gula, the famous “Afghan with green eyes” of “National Geographic” refugee in Italy

A copy of “National Geographic” with the portrait of Sharbat Gula by Steve McCurry in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. BK BANGASH / AP What does it matter if the photo has been retouched : this is one of the most famous looks in the history of photography. Sharbat Gula’s expression and her emerald eyes, in … Read more

Covid, news di oggi: Super Green Pass dal 6 dicembre e obbligo vaccino nel nuovo decreto, terza dose per tutti dal 1 dicembre

Le ultime notizie di oggi giovedì 25 novembre sul Covid-19, Super Green Pass, obbligo vaccinale e terza dose di vaccino. Ok unanime del Cdm al decreto super green pass: valido solo per vaccinati e guariti, varrà dal 6 dicembre al 15 gennaio anche in zona bianca. Il green pass “base” sarà obbligatorio dal 6/12 anche … Read more

A forest has grown on pebbles: in Niger, the Great Green Wall is advancing slowly

At the Simiri site, in Niger, on November 13, 2021. BOUREIMA HAMA / AFP On the ground, goats bite the seeds of acacia, a shrub with formidable thorns: once a lunar landscape, the Simiri plateau, a town located about a hundred kilometers north of Niamey, has turned into a small paradise for wildlife and flora. … Read more

Super Green pass, still no hypothesis on public transport: “Impossible controls”

It Super Green pass will be in effect from December. The swab will only be valid for the job. And while the vaccination obligation for public employees is being assessed, the hypothesis of extending the Green Certificate is also on the table Covid-19 to public transport: trains, buses and subways. With Christmas just around the … Read more

In business schools, a still artificial green revolution

XAVIER LISSILOUR This September morning, a slew of students make their first entry into ESCP, a prestigious business school, ranked in the national “top 3”. Sitting comfortably in the conference room, these students freshly selected by the competitions are far from expecting the load that will be administered to them as a welcome. On the … Read more

No green pass in Milan, Piazza Duomo prohibited: tensions with the police, 257 identified

from Cesare Giuzzi Massive deployment of police forces, all downtown banned. The groups isolated, the first activists stopped. Identify several people. A woman who fell to the ground and was dragged away by the police. Another lady who refused to give the documents bit a police officer Piazza Fontana armored for the 18th No green … Read more