Google accused by several American states of collecting data without authorization

Google argued that the lawsuit was based “on inaccurate assertions and outdated assertions”. JEFF CHIU / AP Prosecutors in several US states took Google to court on Monday, January 24, accusing it of collecting geolocation data from Internet users even when they expressly refused – which the group denies. The latter notably offers users of … Read more

#Facebook gives #Google permission to include content within its mobile application

And Google is the world’s first search engine, and Facebook It is the most widespread social network, an alliance between the two promises to achieve great results. This week, the company of Mark Zuckenberg, has changed its policy and will allow the search engine Google crawls and indexes content within your content on your mobile … Read more

#Google will know whether or not you drive your car thanks to a ‘wearable’ connected to your wrist #wearables

Google Wearable to know if you are a driver or not. Fountain: TEHRAN (FNA) For @Ivancernadas Combining electronics and cars is difficult if there is a component involved that must use them at the same time, the human being. The advantages of navigation systems such as GPS, the (obsolete) technology of reading SMS text from … Read more

EU approves € 2.4 billion fine against Google for anti-competitive practices

European justice confirmed, Wednesday, November 10, the fine of 2.4 billion euros imposed by Brussels on Google in June 2017 for its anti-competitive practices in the price comparison market. The General Court of the European Union (EU), located in Luxembourg, rejected an appeal by the American company, finding that it had indeed “Abused its dominant … Read more

Pixel 6 Performance with Google Tensor Processor | Gadgets News

When Google announced at the October presentation of the Pixel 6 smartphone that compared to its predecessor, the performance of the CPU and GPU of the new product increased by 80% and 370% (4.7x), respectively, it sounded very encouraging. Among other things, this meant that the new Google Tensor processor provides the highest graphics performance … Read more

New Google Nest Hub coming to Belgium on May 4 (and doing it in your sleep)

The second generation of the Nest Hub, Google’s smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen, will also be available in our country from May 4. The main novelty is the Sleep Sensing function that analyzes the user’s sleep pattern. The improved Nest Hub was already introduced in the United States at the end of March. On … Read more

Google and Samsung are merging Wear OS and Tizen

A small revolution in smartwatch land: Google and Samsung will now go together for one operating system. ‘Wear’ (provisional name) combines the best of Wear OS and Tizen, and should give both tech giants more clout against the Apple Watch – by far the world’s best-selling smart watch. The news was announced at the developer … Read more