“Fallirò” is the title of the first work of the talented, but very noir, gIANMARIA.

gIANMARIA I will fail review by Fabio Fiume. Surely he was one of the artists competing in the last edition of X Factor which has most impressed and made people talk about itself. This because gIANMARIA (it’s him I’m talking about), he was able to amaze right from the auditions, where he presented himself with … Read more

gIANMARIA: text, meaning and audio of Rapporti & Piante

gIANMARIA Reports & Plants text and meaning of the passage. Reports & Plants is the fourth track of the songwriter’s debut album. gIANMARIA Reports & Plants meaning Here’s how the singer-songwriter talks about this song: A text in which I try to find solutions and explanations to the most complicated thing in the world, relationships. … Read more

The story of gIANMARIA: from the first songs to X Factor fighting against panic attacks

gIANMARIA history. Today we deepen the knowledge on what is today considered the revelation artist of this edition of X Factor. The 19-year-old’s real name gIANMARIA And Gianmaria Volpato and is a Student from Vicenza (like Madame e Sangiovanni) who occasionally works in a pizzeria. Discographically, the boy released the singles All or nothing 2, … Read more

X Factor Live second episode: gIANMARIA is crazy, but always on the spot. Deleted * …

X Factor Live second episode. In the super technological setting of RePower the evening of the covers begins, which reminds us so much of the evening of Sanremo, is divided into two heats. The votes of the second episode are added to those of last Thursday. Two heats, the two least voted in each heats … Read more

X Factor Live first episode gIANMARIA and Erio shine. Emma disappointed for DDL Zan

X Factor Live first episode. Start in style X Factor 2021 within the RePower Theater from Assago, truly remarkable television graphics and a tribute to the 90s dance. It makes you want to dance and go wild. It is also wonderful to hear the applause of the live audience. The moment of Ludovico Tersigni he … Read more