#PowerUp 3.0, a fun #dron and paper plane that you will fly with your #smartphone #iOs or #Android

The flying drones They are fashionable, but they are very expensive electronic devices. Most of them cost about € 300 on average, and those are the cheapest. Today we offer you a very fun alternative, as well as cheap. What does it consist of? The PowerUp 3.0 is a small and simple Paper plane that … Read more

LIVE: Vain glory, Kryštof is just as fun in a theater as a pig

Many domestic bands have now set out on their concert tours, which have been postponed several times, and Kryštof is no exception. They are used to planning for several years in advance, but covid did not ask. The band is now on a theatrical tour, which was to take place a year and a half … Read more

Sony’s new neck speaker combines work with Dolby Atmos fun

The SRS-NB10 neckband speaker that Sony introduced at the beginning of the summer, with its integrated microphone, was mainly intended for (more freedom of movement during) virtual meetings. Big brother SRS-NS7 literally adds a few dimensions to this: Dolby Atmos sound for a very space-saving cinema experience. To start with, the SRS-NS7 still has the … Read more

5 fun facts about movie soundtracks

short Music Non Stop no Facebook When we watch a movie, andWe are experiencing a multi-sensory experience: we exercise our eyesight while listening to the sounds. It’s no accident that soundtracks are an important part of any production. However, the process of building soundtracks is something very interesting, with peculiarities that people don’t always know … Read more