The Pagelli to the new Italian singles out on Friday 14 January … Chiara Grispo, Thomas Cheval, Mara Sattei, Folcast, Anastasio …

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on Friday 14 January 2022 by the music critic Fabio Fiume. Week full of news, too many to tell the truth. What do you do, start over with a hundred new titles a week? I say this for record labels: what are your hopes of being included in … Read more

Scoreboard new singles out on Friday 7 January (plus some recovery from the Christmas period …): Enula, Salmo, Santoianni, Marco Guazzone, Gaia …

Scoreboard new Italian singles January 7, 2021 … plus some previous recovery, by our music critic, Fabio Fiume. Boom! News: surprise report cards are back. I should have resumed next week but since a few things came out it felt nice not to leave them behind. Then this year even in the Christmas holidays some … Read more

In Tunisia, the strong man of Ennahda arrested Friday hospitalized in “critical condition”

Former Tunisian justice minister Noureddine Bhiri in Tunis in February 2013. FETHI BELAID / AFP The former Tunisian Minister of Justice, Noureddine Bhiri, a strong man of the Islamist-inspired Ennahda party, was transferred in critical condition to the hospital in Bizerte (north) two days after his arrest, said Sunday (January 2) activists of this movement … Read more

Covid-19: mandatory outdoor mask in almost all of Ile-de-France from Friday

After Paris at the end of the day on Wednesday, then other departments in the wake, Seine-Saint-Denis announced, Thursday, December 30, the obligation to wear a mask outdoors. This measure now applies to almost the entire region: in Paris ; in the Val-d’Oise; in the Hauts-de-Seine; in Seine-Saint-Denis; in the Val-de-Marne; in Seine-et-Marne; in the … Read more

In Libya, the presidential election “impossible” to hold Friday, according to a parliamentary committee

Candidates for the presidential election in Libya, Ahmed Maiteeq (left) and Fathi Bashagha (center), arrive in Benghazi to meet Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strongman of the east, also a candidate. ABDULLAH DOMA / AFP A committee of the Libyan Parliament responsible for monitoring the presidential election on Friday, December 24, concluded on Wednesday at “Impossibility” … Read more

Professor Didier Raoult will know on Friday if he is sanctioned by the medical order

Professor Didier Raoult, on November 5, after having been heard by the disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP Did Professor Didier Raoult violate the code of medical ethics by promoting hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19? The disciplinary chamber of the order of physicians renders its decision, which can go as far as … Read more

Amazon’s Black Friday 2021 has begun: here are the best deals on technology

the offers Amazon of the Black Friday they are really a lot and these days we are practically submerged. The real Black Friday actually falls today, November 26, 2021, and therefore it is worth “stopping” for a moment and making a nice summary of the best offers currently available on the technology. The Amazon Black … Read more

The report cards of the Italian singles to be released on Friday 19 November

Italian singles report cards to be released on November 19 by Fabio Fiume. Lots of new music this weekend, ready for the radio launch and in the streaming charts. In today’s report cards, I say it immediately, Marracash is missing, however; the piece by the Lombard artist comes out late at night and I’m afraid … Read more

The report cards for the new Italian singles to be released on Friday 12 November: Sangiovanni and Madame, Blanco, Noemi, Gazzelle …

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on Friday 12 November by Fabio Fiume. The new report cards arrive juicy this week; juicy because many highly anticipated artists are releasing a new single and so there are several names that will battle on the radio starting today to conquer the highest positions in airplay. Let’s … Read more

The report cards for the new Italian singles will be released on Friday 5 November 2021

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on November 5, 2021 by Fabio Fiume. This week there are several important returns and some unexpected ones as well. We leave immediately. Francesca Alotta – Different Part on guitars (strangely) Francesca for this return which, however, appears a little confused from a musical point of view. If … Read more