‘The Batman’: According to rumors, Robert Pattinson has been drunk on the set and has caused many problems

From the filming of ‘The Batman’ come new, very disturbing rumors about Robert Pattinson’s behavior on set, including sex in the Batmobile and showing up drunk to work. The We Got This Covered medium picks up the news, although it does not give names or point to a reliable source, but it seems that it … Read more

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’: Letitia Wright denies rumors about her anti-vaccine position on set

It is not being easy to continue with the saga of ‘Black Panther’. The protagonist of the Marvel movie, Chadwick Boseman, has passed away after years of suffering from cancer, and The one who seems to be the natural heir to the throne of Wakanda does not stop starring in controversy. Letitia Wright, the actress … Read more

David Harbor on the impact of ‘Black Widow’ on his personal life and the perfect series for the Red Guardian

David Harbor is becoming an expert in adoptive father roles. After rising to fame as the rugged but cuddly Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’, he now replaces Millie Bobby Brown with Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in ‘Black Widow’, joined as Alexei Shostakov, the Red Guardian. Who was going to tell him that those two roles … Read more

Leven Rambin, star of ‘Gone’: “My mother got me into boxing when I was 13 years old, and it’s the best she could do”

Every week new television premieres arrive on our screens, and it is quite difficult to keep track of each and every one of these projects. Just as it is difficult to find series that we have not seen before, ‘Gone’, the new premiere of Calle 13, It has a detail that differentiates it from the … Read more

Isabela Moner (‘Dora and the Lost City’) changes her name in honor of her grandmother

Isabela Moner, the actress who gives life to the character of Dora the Explorer in her live-action version ‘Dora and the Lost City’, has announced its name change from Isabela Moner to Isabela Merced, and wanted to share with his fans the reasons behind his decision, closely linked to his family. The actress we had … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: F. Murray Abraham, Oscar winner for ‘Amadeus’ and legendary gangster film

Hollywood and the film industry as a whole are full of actors and actresses who have been part of some of the most celebrated films in cinema, working with filmmakers and proper names that are absolutely references for any movie buff, talented people like F. Murray Abraham, an actor who, Despite having a varied and … Read more

‘Black Adam’: Sarah Shahi reveals the movie would have more villains than we thought

‘Black Adam’ is about to finish filming and this was announced by Dwayne Johnson himself on his Instagram account. It has been years of hard work and many problems to move the film forward, so fans of the character and of ‘Shazam!’ They will be looking forward to its premiere day in a year, on … Read more

The 11 curiosities that you cannot miss about Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson rose to fame in 2010, aged 20, by starring in ‘Kick Ass. Ready to pound ‘From then on, the studios put their eye on the young actor for future action and science fiction projects. Titles like ‘Godzilla’ and the apotheosis ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ have raised the actor’s status, becoming one of … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Charlie Heaton opens up about his drug incident and if it will affect the series

Last October, Charlie Heaton was deported from the United States when LAX airport authorities found drugs among his belongings. His arrest made the actor unable to attend the premiere of the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ in Los Angeles. In his day, It was the show’s costume designer, Kim Wilcox, who came to the young … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan does not yet know how the series ends, but he does know how he wants Negan to end

The end of ‘The Walking Dead’ is getting closer and closer. The zombie series is already facing its final stretch with the broadcast of its 11th season, with which it will say goodbye to the television grid forever after a long tour of AMC (we see it here through FOX Spain). One of its actors, … Read more