“The forest is our future”: faced with job cuts, ONF employees demand “a real debate in the Assembly”

A member of the National Forestry Office (ONF) shows a plate number on a fir tree in a forest near Dabo, in eastern France, February 3, 2021. PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP “The forest can save us if we preserve it” : Hundreds of employees of the National Forestry Office (ONF) demonstrated Thursday, November 25 to … Read more

A forest has grown on pebbles: in Niger, the Great Green Wall is advancing slowly

At the Simiri site, in Niger, on November 13, 2021. BOUREIMA HAMA / AFP On the ground, goats bite the seeds of acacia, a shrub with formidable thorns: once a lunar landscape, the Simiri plateau, a town located about a hundred kilometers north of Niamey, has turned into a small paradise for wildlife and flora. … Read more

Mangrove forest study has takeaways for coastal communities

Journal Reference: David Lagomasino, Temilola Fatoyinbo, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Bruce D. Cook, Paul M. Montesano, Christopher S. R. Neigh, Lawrence A. Corp, Lesley E. Ott, Selena Chavez, Douglas C. Morton. Storm surge and ponding explain mangrove dieback in southwest Florida following Hurricane Irma. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-24253-y In partnership with NASA and Florida … Read more

Forest fires linked to low birth weight in newborns

Journal Reference: Jiajianghui Li, Tianjia Guan, Qian Guo, Guannan Geng, Huiyu Wang, Fuyu Guo, Jiwei Li, Tao Xue. Exposure to landscape fire smoke reduced birthweight in low- and middle-income countries: findings from a siblings-matched case-control study. eLife, 2021; 10 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.69298 The study is the first to report a link between low birth weight and … Read more