From Annette to Shang-Chi: eight new films to watch as Australian cinemas reopen | Movies

A couple of months in lockdown does funny things to the brain. Suddenly, you long to hear the collective munch of popcorn again – or even the crinkling of a chip packet interrupting a pivotal movie scene. Some want to shush other cinemagoers for whispering too loudly; others want to smile vacantly into space as … Read more

The movies you have to see this weekend (available on HBO, Movistar + and Filmin)

Related news It is already Saturday, the perfect day to take advantage of the weekend, put on a streaming service and let yourself be carried away for two hours (or four, in the case of the premiere of the week) to forget about the worries of the week. There is life beyond the series on … Read more

Child or young actresses who are identical to their adult character

Revolution Studios | Revolution Studios It is not strange that series and movies use jumps in time as a resource to tell their story, whether it all begins when the protagonist is a girl or has a flashback throughout the plot. In these cases, the production must find a child or young actress to play … Read more

Indie Film: The history of these Maine locales are fit for horror films

The horrors that happened on Malaga Island make it a prime locale for a scary film. Photo courtesy of Peter Roberts Maine is scary. Stephen King knows it. Anyone waking up to the year’s first blizzard with a broken snowblower knows it. And moviemakers know it – even if Maine’s baffling refusal to pass filming … Read more

Don’t lose sight of the great little Jacob Tremblay

Above even the possible fears of ending up signaling his presence in Hollywood as that of the umpteenth toy broken by the industry, Jacob Tremblay has managed, to date, to build a very interesting filmography. A short, but intense route, in which different genres and characters have a place, thus composing a professional map in … Read more

Sigourney Weaver films scenes for Amazon Prime’s new series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart in Sydney

Aliens star Sigourney Weaver, 72, looks incredibly youthful as she films scenes for Amazon Prime’s new series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart in Sydney By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:36 EDT, 18 October 2021 | Updated: 03:38 EDT, 18 October 2021 Filming is well and truly under way on Amazon Prime’s new … Read more

10 Best J-Horror Films From The 90s

J-horror has a wide base of Japanese mythology and urban legend to draw upon, but even when tackling more universal subjects like ghosts or serial killers, this subgenre often wears its stylistic and thematic influences on its sleeve. RELATED: Best Horror Films Based On Video Games (According To IMDb) Unsurprising for the nation that brought … Read more

Keep an eye on Toby Kebbell: 9 movies you’ve seen the actor in

Actor Toby Kebbell has had numerous appearances on the big screen, and also on television. In some you will recognize him easily, as in the series ‘Black Mirror’, in others not so much, as in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’. In addition to embodying flesh and blood characters, Toby Kebbell promises to follow … Read more

The 5 films with biblical or Christian themes to be released in 2014%

Feb 20 2014 15:18 The of NOAH, the protagonist of the story of the ark, maybe it’s the next biblical movie most popular among movie fans around the world, but it is not the only film that this 2014 will invade theaters with Christian themes and messages. This Paramount film is directed by Darren Aronofsky … Read more

What are the Felipe Cazals films that marked Mexican cinema?

Mexico.- The death of Felipe Cazals, scriptwriter, director and producer from Mexico, made the news this October 16. The filmmaker of mexican cinema passed away at 84 years of age, reported the film critic Leonardo García Tsao, who considers Felipe Cazals as one of the fundamental directors in the history of Mexican cinema. Through Twitter, … Read more