REVIEW: The courttrack to the film “Occupation” offers a showcase of domestic retro-psychedelia

The film “Occupation” by director Michal Nohejl was made unnoticed by Czech cinemas, although it is a pity, but according to critics it is one of the better things that was created here in 2021. A soundtrack was also released for the film, where domestic certainties and hopes of psychedelic rock met. How does this … Read more

“The film ‘Don’t Look Up’ is a powerful metaphor for the ongoing climate crisis”

Climate scientist Michael E. Mann near his home in Pennsylvania on March 21, 2021. AMANDA MUSTARD When two astrophysicists discover that a comet is heading straight for Earth, poised to wipe out humanity, they encounter inaction, denial and sarcasm from politicians, the media and the general public alike. they try to alert. This scenario of … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Disco Ocultista – Preparing music for a film is liberating

La Petite Sonja and Hank J. Mancini left water indie for a while and as Disco Ocultista they composed the soundtrack to Michal Nohejl’s film “Occupation”. “Working on film music was a big challenge and a dream come true,” summarizes the process of making Hank. But we also talked about whether new the duo will … Read more

Rut chlapi zachraujc Afriany. Nov film oslavuje Putinovy oldky –

Film Granit, jenž autoři věnovali „našim ruským chlapům“, podle listu The Moscow Times (TMT) líčí události ze skutečného života ruských žoldnéřů, kteří bojovali v severomosambickém regionu Cabo Delgado. „Film vychází z působení ruské soukromé vojenské společnosti v Mosambiku. To vše se stalo v reálném životě,“ popsal deníku režisér snímku Denis Nejmand. Granit v premiéře odvysílá … Read more

Last launches the new single, “Superheroes”, a song contained in the film of the same name

Last Super heroes text linked to the story of the new and homonymous film by Paolo Genovese, film of which the new single of the singer-songwriter is the main song and of which we have already spoken to you some time ago in this item. Super heroes is a comedy, drama, sentimental film to be … Read more

A Cidade dos Abismos, a film with a trans protagonist is highlighted in Lisbon

short Music Non Stop no Facebook From personal experience, Priscyla Betim developed the argument of The City of Abysses, feature film with a timeless setting, signed alongside Renato Coelho. The film follows Gloria, a trans woman, Bia, a middle-class young woman from São Paulo, and Kakule, an African immigrant, who witness a murder on Christmas … Read more

Great music can also be played in the occupied bar. A unique vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the film Occupation is released

One night, one bar. A sleepy party of actors after the performance will be disrupted by a visit from an uninvited guest. The atmosphere is full of cowardice, vodka and thickens along with increasing clouds of cigarette smoke. The characters are breaking … Black comedy At the August premiere, the occupation of director Michal Nohejl … Read more

“Freaks Out” Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of the film of the same name

From October 29, 2021 is available on all platforms strumming the soundtrack of the film Freaks Out, composed by the musician Michele Braga and the director Gabriele Mainetti. From the same date, you can buy in pre-order Freaks Out Original Soundtrack in double vinyl version. He film Freaks Out has been in cinemas since October … Read more

Women’s Film Show starts this Friday, check it out

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The Women’s Juquery Collective Basin, from Franco da Rocha, holds the VI edition of the Women’s Film Festival, from October 1st to 10th, 2021. This year, due to the continuity of the pandemic, the team chose to hold the event in a hybrid format, with virtual exhibitions, through the … Read more

45th International Film Festival: discover the best of the program

From October 21st to November 3rd, the 45th edition of the traditional Mostra Internacional de Cinema, in São Paulo, takes place in a hybrid exhibition format International Film Show. For two weeks, the show will feature 265 titles from various countries. The show is divided into sections: International Perspective, New Directors Competition and Mostra Brasil … Read more