Sharbat Gula, the famous “Afghan with green eyes” of “National Geographic” refugee in Italy

A copy of “National Geographic” with the portrait of Sharbat Gula by Steve McCurry in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. BK BANGASH / AP What does it matter if the photo has been retouched : this is one of the most famous looks in the history of photography. Sharbat Gula’s expression and her emerald eyes, in … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: Def Leppard wanted to be the most famous band in the world. Thanks to the “Hysteria” record, they succeeded

The hardest part is overcoming yourself. A number of bands could subscribe to this thesis. The British Def Leppard would certainly be among them, who captivated the audience with their warmly received third album “Pyromania”. How to move? How to reach the top? These were the fundamental questions that underpinned the successor to “Hysteria.” Another … Read more

The Union Saint-gilloise seen by the famous Spanish newspaper Marca: “The last miracle of continental football”

In a long format published this Friday morning, Marca paints a portrait of the surprising leader of the Pro League. Located in the town of Saint-Gilles, also called “Little Spain” (Little Spain), the club is followed by many Spanish immigrants who came to Belgium between the 1950s and 1960s. It is therefore in this district … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: Only debris remains from the epic sci-fi rock opera. Nevertheless, The Who drew “Who’s Next”, the best record of their career

The cycle of articles Famous Albums looks under the guise of key records in rock and pop history. There are recordings without which it is difficult to imagine such a story. One of these is undoubtedly the “Who’s Next” collection, which The Who followed up on their rock opera “Tommy.” And that’s just a piece … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: “Over-nite Sensation” and “Apostrophe (‘)” or The Ideal Introduction to Frank Zappa’s Work

It is hard to imagine a series called Famous Albums, which would not contain at least one part dedicated to Frank Zapp. Beloved, hated, admired, damned,… There are many adjectives attached to this musician. And as reductive as it is in many ways, let’s recall the “Over-nite Sensation” and “Apostrophe (‘)” records. Telling the life … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: In the heavy metal kitchen Judas Priest cooked “British Steel”, a work that kicked off their career and became a role model

Some records will fall, some will become commercial masters, and some will be sworn by generations of other musicians. Undoubtedly, “British Steel” by Judas Priest belongs to the latter set. One of the most key recordings of hard music in general has become the theme of our cycle Famous Albums. Birmingham, an industrial city in … Read more