Your face sounds familiar to me: F. Murray Abraham, Oscar winner for ‘Amadeus’ and legendary gangster film

Hollywood and the film industry as a whole are full of actors and actresses who have been part of some of the most celebrated films in cinema, working with filmmakers and proper names that are absolutely references for any movie buff, talented people like F. Murray Abraham, an actor who, Despite having a varied and … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: How do you know Bobby Cannavale?

Are great actors an endangered species? Half a century ago, the stars who embodied the new direction of Hollywood emerged: Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman … Authentic faces, unusual on the big screen, who went through the innovative and malleable mold of Lee Strasberg . At the same time, Bobby Cannavale … Read more

‘The Card Counter’ Plays A Familiar Hand

Focus Features In 2017, Paul Schrader hit a late-career peak with First Reformed, a tightly wound, disturbing application of his own theories of transcendental cinema. While the film garnered almost unanimous praise and earned Schrader his first Oscar nomination — a shockingly belated honor considering his track record as one of American cinema’s legendary auteurs … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: Jackie Earle Haley

Maybe if we call you Jackie Earle Haley, her name sounds like little or nothing to you. But if we talk to you about a secondary luxury which has become essential since the mid-2000s until today, and see this gallery with his interventions, perhaps you already remember having seen him characterized in a thousand ways, … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: Where have you seen Cobie Smulders?

Surely we all know Cobie Smulders for his role in the comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but it is not his only job. The actress has not stopped launching herself on different adventures during these years, from television comedies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. Can you tell us any of their roles? The … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Rodrigo Santoro, from ‘300’ to ‘Lost’

Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, whom we have seen with roles of greater or lesser importance in various blockbusters or high-budget series, came to the world of acting while studying journalism in his native country. The soap operas of the Globo network served as a springboard for him to earn his first job in Brazilian cinema (‘Bicho … Read more

Glenn. Abraham. Lori. Shane. ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ creator talks about familiar faces returning to franchise

It is one of the ‘spin-off’ of the franchise that will see the light after the outcome of the original series in its eleventh season. Just finished the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the first half of the sixth of Fear The Walking Dead, we will have no more zombie franchise … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: Tim Roth

Born on the 14th of map, 1961 in Dulwich, London, Tim Roth has made a name for himself in the film industry thanks to becoming a fetish actor for one of the most influential contemporary filmmakers: Quentin Tarantino. Having made his debut in front of the cameras in 1982, Roth has since combined his work … Read more

Your face is familiar to me: Naomie Harris

British actress Naomie Harris has been a part of the film industry for over two decades, starting his career on the small screen with only 11 years and working on BBC series such as ‘Simon and the Witch’. His passage through the small screen gave rise to a varied career in the cinema, a filmography … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: How do you know Charlie Day?

Can you hear that shrill sound that is heard in the distance? He is the voice of Charlie Day in any of his projects for film and television. If you are one of those who watch movies and series in their original version, surely it is a very familiar sound for you. This is one … Read more