Music: Maloya, from underground to fame

Maloya singer Firmin Viry, 86, in Saint-Pierre, December 10, 2021. FABIEN MOLLON Saint-Denis, 1959. The newspaper Testimonials, media organ of the very young Reunion Communist Party (PCR), organizes a party in Rio, a room held by a sympathizer. Usually, musical entertainment is provided by the Tropical Jazz Orchestra. But that day, it is a troop … Read more

Editorial – Kraftwerk consolidates his sympathetic arrogance by finally entering the Rock’n’roll hall of fame – music non stop

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Asked what he thought about the fact that skateboarding was accepted as an Olympic sport, the superstar on the wheels Tony Alva replied: “they need us more than we need them”. Fact. A sport that organized and solidified itself, after fighting for decades against prejudice, and turned into a … Read more