Endometriosis recognized as a long-lasting disease by a unanimous assembly

Demonstrators during the World Day against Endometriosis, organized by the French associations ENDOmind and MEMS (Mon Endométriose Ma Souffrance), on March 24, 2018, in Paris. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP It was a vote that won unanimous support. Two days after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements, the National Assembly voted, Thursday, January 13, a resolution carried by the … Read more

Emmanuel Macron announces the launch of a strategy against endometriosis

Emmanuel Macron in Paris, January 11, 2022. LUDOVIC MARIN / AP Better management, awareness and diagnosis of endometriosis, these are the main axes of the national strategy announced Tuesday, January 11 by Emmanuel Macron, via a video posted on social networks. “It’s not a women’s problem. It’s a social problem ”, estimated the president about … Read more

Researchers identify genetic cause of endometriosis and reveal potential drug target

Journal Reference: Thomas T. Tapmeier, Nilufer Rahmioglu, Jianghai Lin, Bianca De Leo, Maik Obendorf, Muthuswamy Raveendran, Oliver M. Fischer, Cemsel Bafligil, Manman Guo, Ronald Alan Harris, Holger Hess-Stumpp, Alexis Laux-Biehlmann, Ernesto Lowy, Gerton Lunter, Jessica Malzahn, Nicholas G. Martin, Fernando O. Martinez, Sanjiv Manek, Stefanie Mesch, Grant W. Montgomery, Andrew P. Morris, Jens Nagel, Heather … Read more