ZECCHINO D’ORO: “Superbabbo”, written by Marco Masini, wins the first prize of the 64th edition

Zecchino d’Oro he decreed Superbabbo the winning song of the 64th edition. Superbabbo is interpreted by Zoe Adamello, who is 9 years old and comes from Impruneta, in the province of Florence.Exceptional authors for this piece, which features lyrics and music signed by Marco Masini, Emiliano Cecere e Veronica Rauccio. The final took place on … Read more

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range vs Tesla Model S Plaid and Others: Real Fast Charge Speed ​​Comparison | Gadgets News

Our colleagues from InsideEVs shared measurements of fast charging of the Lucid Air Dream Edition R – the electric car with the largest, for today, the power reserve on one charge. Previously, they tested several other models in a similar way, including the Tesla Model S Plaid – here are their results: Lucid Air Dream … Read more

20 years of Xbox has special edition with Gucci briefcase and more

short Music Non Stop no Facebook the box of Microsoft came to go head-to-head with the popular Playstation 2 and throughout its 20 years of history it has conquered fans, delivered excellent exclusive games, a robust online service and is one of the pioneers in streaming games with the latest Xcloud. Of course, these 20 … Read more

Great music can also be played in the occupied bar. A unique vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the film Occupation is released

One night, one bar. A sleepy party of actors after the performance will be disrupted by a visit from an uninvited guest. The atmosphere is full of cowardice, vodka and thickens along with increasing clouds of cigarette smoke. The characters are breaking … Black comedy At the August premiere, the occupation of director Michal Nohejl … Read more