Last Night In Soho: Listen to the Special Playlist by Edgar Wright

Before we get into the specifics, let’s get a general understanding of what the movie is about. Last Night in Soho is a British psychological horror movie directed by Edgar Wright in 2021, based on a narrative by Wright and written by Wright and Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Diana Rigg and Margaret Nolan, who deceased in September … Read more

Edgar Wright Movies Ranked and Where To Stream Them

Edgar Wright is one of the very few filmmakers in the world who doesn’t have any bad movies yet. It’s a rare distinction that so few can claim although, to be fair, Wright has only five main movies under his belt so far—not counting music videos or the documentaries he’s done in the past, such … Read more

Edgar Wright explains why there won’t be “Shaun of the Dead 2”

The director assures that he already told everything he needed to narrate with this particular tape | Universal Pictures With the premiere of “Last Night In Soho”, Edgar Wright’s career as a screenwriter and writer is preparing to take a turn completely away from comedy, something for which the filmmaker had already prepared us since … Read more