Two years in prison required against Bernard Sainz, nicknamed the “Doctor Mabuse” of cycling

The decision was put under advisement as of January 17. “Mr. Sainz claims to have (given to athletes) only nutritional advice, particularly fasting … It is true, but he also gave advice and indications on doping protocols”, supported the prosecutor in his requisitions. Regarding the illegal practice of medicine, the “most serious” offense, the representative … Read more

Svahn reveals the drama: “I fainted” • Tells about the visit to the doctor

Tells for the first time about the doctor’s visit Published: Less than 2 hours ago The pain during the doctor’s visit became too strong and Linn Svahn fainted. The shoulder-injured sprint star tells in SVT’s documentary “Best when it comes” for the first time about the collapse in connection with the investigation after the crash … Read more