Cancer, dialysis, medical deserts: “Cash Investigation” investigates health inequalities

The “Freedom, Health, Inequalities” survey reveals that few establishments follow the recommendations of scientists to carry out more than 150 operations per year, which has the effect of increasing the risk of excess mortality due to lack of practice. PLTV / FTV FRANCE 2 – THURSDAY JANUARY 13 AT 9.10 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY Inequalities in … Read more

“Fight against medical deserts, fight for health accessible to everyone, preservation of the public hospital: this is the outline of a project”

Tribune. The polls follow and resemble each other: health is today among the first concerns of the French. Once marginalized in the public debate, it suddenly took center stage in politics, when a virus came to shake up our lives. Never had the concept of biopolitics dear to Michel Foucault been so hotly topical. But, … Read more