Brazilian Amazon deforestation is accelerating

A cleared area near Porto Velho (Brazil), in September 2019. OTHER PEN / AP Nothing seems to stop the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon. According to an official estimate published Thursday, November 18, it increased by nearly 22% between August 2020 and July 2021, compared to the previous period. This is the record for the … Read more

In Glasgow, world leaders promise to stop deforestation by 2030

Aerial photo of an area on fire in the Amazon rainforest, south of Novo Progresso in Brazil in August 2020. CARL DE SOUZA / AFP For the 26e world climate conference (COP26) which he is hosting in Scotland, Boris Johnson had set four priorities: obtain commitments in the fields of “Coal, cars, money and trees”. … Read more

COP26: an agreement to stop deforestation by 2030

Aerial view showing the phenomenon of deforestation, on the border between the Amazon and the Cerrado in Nova Xavantina, Brazil, July 28, 2021. AMANDA PEROBELLI / REUTERS This is one of the major issues of the COP26 which is currently being held in Scotland. World leaders will commit, Tuesday, November 2, to halt deforestation by … Read more