Mercedes and Red Bull in a new war of words before the decision

The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull continues. Both on and off the track.Now Red Bulls team manager Christian Horner sends a clear pass to Mercedes Toto Wolff.– I do not need to kiss his ass or anything like that. Who is celebrating in Abu Dhabi? (TT) On the track, the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton … Read more

Formula 1: Verstappen is looking for a preliminary decision

If Verstappen leaves the fourth-last Grand Prix of the year with a cushion of 24 points, he can win his first world title without having to beat Hamilton again in a direct duel. “Things can go wrong very quickly or go right,” said Verstappen after his masterpiece in Mexico over the weekend. The course in … Read more

Sweden’s new national team star: “My life’s toughest decision”

“My toughest decision of my life” Published: Less than 20 minutes ago full screen Eric Johansson is ready to make his national team debut. Photo: CHRISTIAN ÖRNBERG / BILDBYRÅN He turned down Kiel and – by extension – a Champions League gold. Instead, Eric Johansson is successful in Norway. – With the result in hand, … Read more