Antlers: Dark Spirits – Trailer of the film produced by Guillermo del Toro

April 17, 2020. That was the date that the American filmmaker’s film originally Scott Cooper (Black Mass: Estrictamente criminal) would have been released in theaters. A year and a half later Antlers: Dark Spirits returns to give signs of life presenting trailer and the new date with which it lands in the commercial rooms. And … Read more

Curran Keeps Drive-in Movies Alive Announcing “Scared in the Park After Dark”

County’s first Halloween themed series promises spine-tingling nights under the stars with free screenings of cult classics & family favorites. The drive-in movie trend is far from dead in Nassau County with a new series of spooky screenings coming to Eisenhower Park.  Nassau County Executive Laura Curran today announced, “Scared in the Park After Dark,” … Read more

Helena Bonham Carter Only Starred in ‘Fight Club’ Because Reese Witherspoon Turned Down the ‘Too Dark’ Role of Marla Singer

What do you do if you feel “stuck”? Most of us have white-collar jobs and focus on the dreams of owning a nice car, a nice home, and a nice family. We accept our place in life and get up every day in pursuit of our dreams. What if it isn’t that way? The cult … Read more

Hansel and Gretel Search for Better Parents in ‘A Tale Dark & Grimm’

In Netflix’s new CG animated comedy series, A Tale Dark & Grimm, based on Adam Gidwitz’s best-selling book series, Hansel and Gretel run away from home to find better parents…or at least ones who won’t chop off their heads! In the series, which premiered this past Friday, Hansel and Gretel leave their own story and … Read more

Review of Disomnia (Awake), 2021 [Netflix]: Dark Circles Party

Disomnia is the title of the new apocalyptic science fiction proposal that brings us Netflix to our homes this June 9. With many familiar faces in its cast, led by Gina rodriguez but most in cameo mode like Frances Fisher, Barry Pepper or the very Jennifer Jason Leigh. Disomnia It begins by introducing us to … Read more

Noah Centineo spoke of his dark past and drug use | I smoked everything | To All the Boys | To all the boys I fell in love with | Netflix | United States | FAME

Noah Centineo has become the new official boyfriend of the internet. The 23-year-old actor is one of the favorites of the girls thanks to his work in Netflix films such as ‘To all the boys I fell in love with’, ‘Sierra Burguess is a loser’ or ‘The perfect date’. The interpreter is enjoying success and … Read more

Premieres: Criticism of “The Dark House”, by David Bruckner

This horror film focuses on a woman who, after becoming a widow, begins to feel that her husband is calling her from “beyond.” With Rebecca Hall. Presented initially in the late-night section of the Sundance Film Festival and later released in theaters by Disney – it is a product of Searchlight, one of the labels … Read more

Jon Bernthal Says He’d Return As The Punisher If It Was Dark Enough

Jon Bernthal has spent well over two years being constantly linked with a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Punisher, or a re-debut if you agree with Kevin Feige that the Netflix shows aren’t official canon. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s not as if the actor isn’t out there admitting that he’d … Read more

Dark skin is still a problem in Hollywood: controversy over the lack of diversity in the Latin film of the year | Present

It had to be the Latin movie of the year, if not of the decade. Last Friday it premiered In the Heights, the musical written by Lin Manuel Miranda and Quiara María Hudes, spoken and sung in spanglishand conceived as a celebration of all Spanish speakers in the United States, and of a neighborhood in … Read more