In Chile, a new Constitution to “improve health, pensions”

By Flora Genoux Posted today at 02:43 Reserved for our subscribers FactualSince July, a Constituent Assembly has been working on the drafting of a new fundamental law. The elected president, Gabriel Boric, will have to organize the referendum to approve the text. Around the elected representative of the Constituent Assembly, a cloud forms. A white … Read more

Record auction for one of the first copies of the US Constitution

The original copy of the US Constitution auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York on November 18, 2021. YUKI IWAMURA / AFP A copy of the first printing of the US Constitution of 1787, one of the last in circulation, was auctioned Thursday evening, November 18, in New York for $ 43.2 million (about 38 million … Read more

New York State enshrines “the right to a healthy environment” in its Constitution

A polling station in New York, November 2, 2021. During the poll, voters notably supported the right to clean air and water. SETH LITTLE / AP Burn in marble ” the right of everyone to enjoy clean air and water and a healthy environment ”. Voters in New York State voted, with 60.8% of the … Read more

Quasi-crystals, these materials whose constitution defies the laws of chemistry, were created by a nuclear explosion

Piece of red trinitite found in 1945 at the site of the first nuclear explosion. Inside, a ten micron quasi-crystal was found. LUCA BINDI ET AL. July 16, 1945 is not only the beginning of the nuclear age with the first test of an atomic bomb in the Alamogordo desert in New Mexico (United States). … Read more