In Austria, the Viennese show inevitability in the face of the return of confinement

By Jean-Baptiste Chastand Posted today at 04:29 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe capital is less affected than the rest of the country by the new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, in particular due to a better vaccination rate. The huts of the Christmas market installed on Vienna’s Rathausplatz have all lowered the curtain on the … Read more

Covid-19 in Europe: Slovakia announces partial confinement for two weeks

Alongside a two-week partial containment, the Slovak government also announced the closure, from November 25, 2021, of non-essential restaurants and stores, to fight a new wave of contamination by the coronavirus. THIS ROMAN / AP While a new wave of contamination by the coronavirus sweeps over Europe, Slovakia is the second European country to approve, … Read more

During confinement, “it is the social interactions which gave its value to the instruction issued by the State”

GIULIA D’ANNA LUPO Why did the French, during the Covid-19 epidemic, massively apply an instruction as radical and as restrictive as confinement? How to explain the respect of this unprecedented health measure putting social life in brackets? These are the questions posed by sociologist Benoit Giry, lecturer at Sciences Po Rennes and researcher at the … Read more

Quantum confinement discovered in porous nano-photocatalyst

Journal Reference: Hao Wu, Rowshanak Irani, Kunfeng Zhang, Lin Jing, Hongxing Dai, Hoi Ying Chung, Fatwa F. Abdi, Yun Hau Ng. Unveiling Carrier Dynamics in Periodic Porous BiVO4 Photocatalyst for Enhanced Solar Water Splitting. ACS Energy Letters, 2021; 6 (10): 3400 DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.1c01454 The research was co-led by Dr Ng Yun Hau, Associate Professor in … Read more