Joe Biden: The US President stumbles embarrassingly through his press conference – WELT

Background: It has been a year since Joe Biden’s inauguration on Thursday. That’s why Biden, 79, is giving one of his rare press conferences on Wednesday afternoon. The president is under pressure, he has miserable poll numbers, his central social and climate project is not being pushed through, and he is failing because of senators … Read more

Donald Trump gives up giving a press conference on Thursday, a year after his supporters attacked the Capitol

Donald Trump, November 24, 2020, at the White House, Washington. MANDEL NGAN / AFP The remote clash with Joe Biden will not take place: former President Donald Trump did an about-face, and gives up giving a press conference Thursday, January 6, exactly one year after his supporters stormed the Capitol . In a press release … Read more

« Dialogues sciences & société », une conférence organisée par l’Espace Mendès France et « Le Monde » le 30 novembre

Le sociologue Pierre Pérot, de l’Espace Mendès France de Poitiers, a conçu un jeu de piste pour initier à la mobilité les jeunes du quartier de Bel-Air, à Angoulême. Ici avec Younes, Yasser et Nassim, le 28 octobre 2021. YOHAN BONNET POUR « LE MONDE » Relance du nucléaire civil, déploiement de la 5G, gestion de … Read more

The ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization victim of Covid-19

A sign announcing the 12th Ministerial Conference, at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 25, 2021. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS The World Trade Organization (WTO) had to postpone at the last minute, Friday, November 26, its first ministerial conference in four years in the face of the resurgence of … Read more

Take part in a conference on the dialogue between science and society

Covid, Metaverse, biotechs… The major challenges of science cross the news every day. Are they sufficiently intelligible? How to get the world of knowledge and the public to dialogue? Do experts and citizens understand each other? These are all questions that will be debated during the conference organized by theEspace Mendes France in partnership with … Read more

In Glasgow, in the streets, churches or around the conference center, civil society tries to exist on the sidelines of COP26

Protesters at the climate justice rally on the sidelines of COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 6, 2021. JANE BARLOW / AP It is raining heavily in Glasgow on Saturday morning, November 6. In Kelvingrove Park, to the west of the city, where the giant “Global Day of Action” event is due to start, Alicia … Read more

Antwerp, Genk, La Gantoise: update on the situation of Belgian clubs in the Europa League and the Conference League

Three Belgian clubs are in contention in the two “small” European cups: Genk, Antwerp and La Gantoise. In very different situations, everyone will try to play their game to hope to pass the European winter. What are the challenges today? Attempt to answer. La Gantoise (Conference League, 6:45 p.m. against Partizan Belgrade) Let’s start with … Read more