In Germany, compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 fiercely debated by deputies

For four hours, they took turns in the gallery of the Bundestag. On Wednesday January 26, forty-five deputies spoke on the most discussed subject of the moment in Germany: compulsory vaccination against Covid-19. Nearly two months after the new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, came out in favor of such a measure, this was only a simple … Read more

Austria adopts compulsory vaccination, a first in the European Union

Demonstration against compulsory vaccination, January 8 in Vienna. FLORIAN WIESER / AFP Despite virulent opposition in the street, the Austrian Parliament adopted, on Thursday 20 January, the law on compulsory vaccination for all adults, becoming the first country in the European Union to take such a measure to fight against the epidemic of Covid-19. The … Read more

Covid-19: why the wearing of a compulsory mask outdoors in Paris has been suspended by the courts

The measure restricted everyone’s freedoms without being proportionate, so it is suspended. The administrative court of Paris questioned, Thursday January 13, the decision of the prefect of police, Didier Lallement, which made it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors throughout Paris and at any time of the day and night since December 31. , one … Read more

Compulsory teleworking: questions around the sanctions hovering over “recalcitrant” companies

A simple red rag or a real twist on the part of the executive? Whatever the answer, the Ministry of Labor surprised the social partners, who met Tuesday, December 28 in the morning by videoconference to discuss the “compulsory” extension of telework to three or four days a week, by announcing that administrative sanctions could … Read more

“Switching to compulsory vaccination would not necessarily have more effect than the current policy”

A female patient after receiving an injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, at a coronavirus vaccination center in Nice, France, December 1, 2021. ERIC GAILLARD / REUTERS Jocelyn Raude, researcher in social psychology at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health, explains to the World why, according to him, the vaccination obligation would not necessarily … Read more

Covid-19: in Europe, compulsory vaccination is the last resort in countries that resist the vaccine

A man waits to be vaccinated in Vienna, Austria on November 22, 2021. VADIM GHIRDA / AP If, for the World Health Organization (WHO), compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 should be introduced in ” last resort “, the debate is gradually settling in Europe after the decision of several countries to resort to this measure, for … Read more

Covid-19: Faced with the worsening health situation, Germany is moving towards compulsory vaccination

In front of a vaccination center in Frankfurt (Germany), November 30, 2021. YANN SCHREIBER / AFP Vaccination against Covid-19 could become compulsory in Germany: this is in any case the wish expressed by the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Tuesday, November 30, during a video conference in which Angela Merkel and the heads of the sixteen … Read more

Germany: the future chancellor, Olaf Scholz, in favor of compulsory vaccination

Olaf Scholz and Angela Merkel at the Bundestag, August 25, 2021. They met with the leaders of the sixteen German regions to discuss a possible tightening of restrictions and compulsory vaccination against Covid-19. TOBIAS SCHWARZ / AFP He has not yet taken office, yet Olaf Scholz, the future German Chancellor, is already in the process … Read more

Covid-19: by making the vaccine compulsory for the entire population, Austria is breaking a taboo

Christmas market in Vienna on November 12, 2021. GEORG HOCHMUTH / AFP Is it innovation or panic? Faced with the fourth wave of Covid-19, Austria has, in any case, decided to once again take radical and unique decisions in Europe, Friday, November 19, by deciding both to reintroduce general containment on Monday and, from February … Read more

Covid-19: wearing a mask in primary school again compulsory in all departments from today

At the Gounod-Lavoisier primary school, in Lille, on September 2, 2021. MICHEL SPINGLER / AP This generalization of the wearing of a mask marks a step backwards. To stop the increase in Covid-19 contamination, wearing a mask is once again compulsory for all students in elementary school from Monday, November 15 throughout France. “All departments … Read more