Iradish Y6, an interesting clone of the Apple Watch

Iradish Y6 It is a clone of the Apple Watch made in China with a surprising price. You can find it in Iradish Y6. Any follower of technology and gadgets is well aware that Apple is an indisputable leader in designing devices that, beyond their great functionality, have the added value of being almost … Read more

#Onda V919 3G Air a perfect clone of #iPadAir with dual boot of #Windows and #Android

By @Ivancernadas Chinese manufacturers have the habit of copying each model manufactured by the large North American multinationals, especially any Apple brand product. Onda, one of the best-known Chinese manufacturers of electronic components inside and outside of China, seems to have awakened from its slumber, with the announcement of a new model, the Onda V919 … Read more