Another reason why batteries can’t charge in minutes

Journal Reference: Saran Pidaparthy, Marco-Tulio F. Rodrigues, Jian-Min Zuo, Daniel P. Abraham. Increased Disorder at Graphite Particle Edges Revealed by Multi-length Scale Characterization of Anodes from Fast-Charged Lithium-Ion Cells. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2021; 168 (10): 100509 DOI: 10.1149/1945-7111/ac2a7f Haste makes waste, as the saying goes. Such a maxim may be especially true of … Read more

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range vs Tesla Model S Plaid and Others: Real Fast Charge Speed ​​Comparison | Gadgets News

Our colleagues from InsideEVs shared measurements of fast charging of the Lucid Air Dream Edition R – the electric car with the largest, for today, the power reserve on one charge. Previously, they tested several other models in a similar way, including the Tesla Model S Plaid – here are their results: Lucid Air Dream … Read more

In Romania, a soldier in charge of getting the country out of the crisis

The new Romanian prime minister, General Nicolae Ciuca, in Bucharest on October 21, 2021. SAY PHOTOS / VIA REUTERS Romania has found the strong man who promises to bring order to a country ravaged by Covid-19. Monday, November 22, General Nicolae Ciuca, 54, was appointed to head a new government supposed to resolve the political … Read more

Xiaomi lets smartphones charge wirelessly… from a distance

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has developed a new technology to charge smartphones wirelessly. The special thing about Mi Air Charge is that charging is done remotely and not via a ‘charging plate’. Even when you use the phone or have it in your pocket, the battery is refueled. Wireless charging of smartphones is rapidly … Read more