Superbike, how the special liveries for Kawasaki’s 125th anniversary were born

In Argentina, for its anniversary, the Akashi manufacturer sent Rea and Lowes to the track with special ZX-10RRs, inspired by iconic models that also recall Tom Cruise and Top Gun: let’s see them Kawasaki turns 125! It was October 15, 1896, when Shozo Kawasaki started his own business, initially building small boats, then dedicating himself … Read more

Rooney was born there, Pogba buys himself, Griezmann wins us: because football loves Football Manager

The most loved football simulator in the world was born with two tickets for a Blur concert and a friendship, today it is a phenomenon loved by curious champions, ds, executives. And that even Trapattoni one day learned to appreciate … Giulio Di Feo November 4 – Milano Faitout Maouassa, the French defender now at … Read more