Original iPhone blows out 15 candles

This week marks exactly fifteen years ago that then Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. The device would unleash a mobile revolution in no time and is now in its thirteenth incarnation. Compared to today’s smartphones, the original iPhone with its 3.5-inch LCD display was only a minor feat – no bigger than … Read more

‘Mantle wind’ blows through slab window beneath Panama

Journal Reference: David V. Bekaert, Esteban Gazel, Stephen Turner, Mark D. Behn, J. Marten de Moor, Sabin Zahirovic, Vlad C. Manea, Kaj Hoernle, Tobias P. Fischer, Alexander Hammerstrom, Alan M. Seltzer, Justin T. Kulongoski, Bina S. Patel, Matthew O. Schrenk, Sæmundur A. Halldórsson, Mayuko Nakagawa, Carlos J. Ramírez, John A. Krantz, Mustafa Yücel, Christopher J. … Read more

LIVE: The trade wind blows kind and JAR are still one of the most energetic bands in our country

It is a certainty to go to any concert of South Africa’s home strikes. And when it’s their regular annual concert, always held around November 17, something special can be expected. The first of three scheduled performances at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague took place on Monday. And it was a celebration as it … Read more