gIANMARIA: text, meaning and audio of Rapporti & Piante

gIANMARIA Reports & Plants text and meaning of the passage. Reports & Plants is the fourth track of the songwriter’s debut album. gIANMARIA Reports & Plants meaning Here’s how the singer-songwriter talks about this song: A text in which I try to find solutions and explanations to the most complicated thing in the world, relationships. … Read more

After the boom of “Summer”, 2022 for Will begins with “What are you doing tomorrow?” (TEXT and AUDIO)

Will What are you doing tomorrow? text written during the first lockdown for the single that marks the return of the young singer-songwriter after the success of Estate, a song that has reached and exceeded 30 million streams on the solo Spotify winning the platinum record. 2022 for Will begins on January 12 with the … Read more

“Everything happens” by Alessandra Amoroso becomes the Official song of the Women’s Soccer Division (TEXT and AUDIO)

Alessandra Amoroso Everything happens, the song that gives the title to his latest album, lyrics and music by Cheops, Federica Abbate e Takagi & Ketra, becomes the official song of the Women’s Soccer Division. The combination of Alessandra and sport for women. The singer was in fact the first woman captain of the National Singers … Read more

Seeking a way of preventing audio models for AI machine learning from being fooled

Journal Reference: Jon Vadillo, Roberto Santana. On the human evaluation of universal audio adversarial perturbations. Computers & Security, 2022; 112: 102495 DOI: 10.1016/j.cose.2021.102495 Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly based on machine learning models, trained using large datasets. Likewise, human-computer interaction is increasingly dependent on speech communication, mainly due to the remarkable performance of machine learning … Read more

Tommaso Paradiso … out of “The Season of Cancer and Leo” waiting for tours and albums (TEXT and AUDIO)

Tommaso Paradiso The Season of Cancer and Leo text that focuses on melancholy for the new single by the singer-songwriter which will be released on March 4, 2022 with Space Cowboys, the first solo album for Island Records. The new single, available from December 15, 2021 (and from 17 on the radio) was written by … Read more

Huawei introduces new smart glasses with audio technology

With the Gentle Monster Eyewear II, Huawei will launch its second smart glasses on November 6. The gadget, equipped with a voice assistant and loudspeakers in the frame, will receive a target price of 329 euros. Contrary to what you would expect with ‘smart glasses’, the Gentle Monster Eyewear II does not work with augmented … Read more