DART, a kamikaze mission to learn how to protect yourself from asteroids

NASA illustration showing the Italian Space Agency’s DART spacecraft and Licia Cube, before impact on the Didymos binary system. HANDOUT / AFP Of all the horrors that threaten the Earth and especially its inhabitants, the most devastating – but also the one that has the lowest probability of occurring – comes from space: the collision … Read more

Successful take-off for Lucy, NASA’s first mission to the Trojan asteroids

The Lucy probe, in Titusville (Florida), on September 29, 2021. The spacecraft is scheduled to launch on October 16, 2021. JOHN RAOUX / AP Her name is Lucy. In reference to the famous Australopithecus over 3 million years old, whose skeleton was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974 and which provided a wealth of information on … Read more