Video preview: after All Together Now Giovari sings the dream of many emerging artists in “Hit Parade”

Today we present you with an exclusive video preview Hit Parade, new single from Giovari artist seen in the last week in the program of Channel 5, All Together Now. The song is out from Friday 19 November on the label Musician. The song tells the mood of an emerging artist, who in her daily … Read more

We’ve selected new artists who are renewing soul and jazz.

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The new always comes! Time to meet new artists who are doing very well in soul and jazz. A lot of people ask me what I’m listening to now, what’s new, or say there’s nothing worthwhile new. I decided to write today’s column mainly to contradict the last statement. … Read more

National Book Day. Ten artists indicate what they are reading

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Aaaah, the books… this little bundle of stacked leaves, fragrant, whose collection of rationally organized words transports us to the depths of our battered soul! For lovers of these heaps (paper or bytes, if you are into e-books) today is a special day. On October 28th we celebrate National … Read more