On Arte, “The Great Famine in Ireland”, the last tragedy before independence

Image taken from the documentary “The Great Famine in Ireland”, by Ruan Magan. TYRONE PRODUCTIONS ARTE – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 AT 8.50 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY It is a human tragedy of incredible magnitude, which occurred not at the end of the world but in Ireland. A great famine which, between 1845 and 1851, caused the … Read more

“Salmon, a good vein”, on Arte: a formidable booming industry

Dead salmon at a fish farm in Lofoten, Norway, May 27, 2019. ROALD BERIT / NTB VIA AFP ARTE – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 AT 8.50 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY This ode to Atlantic salmon won’t appeal to everyone. Vegetarians might be disappointed. The author, Albert Knechtel, certainly delivers a vibrant tribute to this muscular animal, capable … Read more