How to connect hard drive to android tablet

We are experiencing a moment of transition in technology that concerns its portable usability: the struggle of manufacturers to get tablets to replace laptops as productivity tools rather than pure consumption of digital information. One of the main handicaps is in its storage capacity. While laptops have powerful hard drives, tablets still have the limitation … Read more

#PowerUp 3.0, a fun #dron and paper plane that you will fly with your #smartphone #iOs or #Android

The flying drones They are fashionable, but they are very expensive electronic devices. Most of them cost about € 300 on average, and those are the cheapest. Today we offer you a very fun alternative, as well as cheap. What does it consist of? The PowerUp 3.0 is a small and simple Paper plane that … Read more

Are the new Nexus 5X and 6P the best Android phones on the market? | Gadgets

On September 29, Google presented its two new Nexus models, the 5X and 6P. The Mountain View company aspires that with the arrival of these two new devices, it will reign in the Android market as in the words of its creators; “They bring together the best advances in mobile telephony.” It’s not crazy to … Read more

#Onda V919 3G Air a perfect clone of #iPadAir with dual boot of #Windows and #Android

By @Ivancernadas Chinese manufacturers have the habit of copying each model manufactured by the large North American multinationals, especially any Apple brand product. Onda, one of the best-known Chinese manufacturers of electronic components inside and outside of China, seems to have awakened from its slumber, with the announcement of a new model, the Onda V919 … Read more

The four best refurbished Android smartphones around 300 euros

A selection of Android smartphones. NICOLAS SIX / THE WORLD Smartphones are reaching maturity, new models now offer little improvement over their predecessors. In contrast, second-hand smartphones aged two or three years are more attractive than ever: high-end models are sold at a third of their price at the exit, those of mid-range are negotiated … Read more

Nokia has been launching an Android tablet for years

HMD Global, the company that has been producing Nokia devices for several years, unveiled its first tablet on Wednesday. It concerns the Nokia T20, an Android device with a 2K screen of 10.4-inch and a price tag from 219 euros. From T20 is not the first Android tablet for Nokia. For example, the Finns already … Read more