Michael Douglas and Christoph Waltz will play them in a series

Michael Douglas will play Ronald Regan and Christoph Waltz will play Mikhail Gorbachev in a series that will narrate the meeting they held in 1986 in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, for pput an end to the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The series will be called Reagan & Gorbachov … Read more

Dune: Warner Bros. Pictures turns to in-feed advertising with Invibes and blue2purple in Belgium

Press release Dune: Warner Bros. Pictures turns to in-feed advertising with Invibes and blue2purple in Belgium Ghent, October 12, 2021 – Invibes Advertising and blue2purple continue their collaboration. The two digital advertising specialists have just completed a new campaign with Warner Bros. Pictures. The campaign, which ran from September 17 to 29, 2021, focused on … Read more

The drastic change of look of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in The Last Duel

The movie The last duel is shaping up to be a firm candidate in the next Oscars… for best makeup. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, two of its four main stars, look very different in Ridley Scott’s new film. Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, the other two of the quartet, are more like the characters … Read more

“If you live in England, Jane Austen’s period films are the definitive ones”

With a bulky resume, John-Paul Kelly You can proudly say that you became an expert in capturing the essence of the passage of time. The director worked on productions of all kinds, ranging from period dramas to historical re-enactments, and even went through romantic comedy. Now, he is in the process of filming a new … Read more

Actor Justice Smith came out of the closet and supported trans and queer blacks

There were several artists who joined the protests for the murder of the African American George Floyd, on May 25, at the hands of the Police in Minneapolis: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, John Boyega … And now, the one who took advantage of the situation to reveal that he belongs “to the queer community” … Read more

“To face my Shockwave character I looked at LeBron James and even Lionel Messi”

“The Boys” was one of the great surprises of 2019, with which Amazon managed to establish itself and compete in the streaming market against Netflix. This year, the second season doubled the staging in terms of darkness and sour humor, which resulted in rave reviews. One of the actors who was part of both installments, … Read more

The fight between Marvel and Netflix

Shortly before the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, when everyone was still alive and no one imagined that one of the interpreters, Scarlett Johansson, would sue for US $ 50 million, which is what the star estimates lost from pocketing because Disney premiered Black Widow Simultaneously in theaters and on Disney +, the Russo brothers, the … Read more

Barbra Streisand vs. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: “It was the wrong idea”

Today that time has passed, and the fourth version of A star Is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was already a success with audiences and critics, Barbra Streisand is allowing herself to say what she really thinks of the film. How important is the opinion of this icon of American music and cinema? … Read more

Sex with babysitters, prostitutes and violence: 5 Hollywood scandals

The world of Hollywood is usually not good for lasting love, the intensity of fame, the swing of functions, performances and film sets are conducive to infidelity. Celebrity couples often enhance the visibility of their members due to the impact of their scandalous separations. For example, in 1995, actor Hugh Grant had sex with a … Read more

If you were German, who would you vote for to be the most powerful leader in the EU?

If the German elections this Sunday 26 were a Sergio Leone film, its title would be: ‘The gray, the clumsy and the copycat’. Those are the three most important candidates and they may end up agreeing with each other to form a new government. And of course, to elect chancellor, the most powerful chancellor in … Read more