Ukraine: the Baltic countries authorized to ship American weapons there

The United States has approved requests from the Baltic countries to ship American-made weapons to Ukraine amid fears of a Russian invasion, a US official said on Thursday (January 20th). United States “accelerate authorized transfers of equipment of American origin from other allies”, said a State Department official present in Berlin, where the head of … Read more

Epstein case: a complaint for sexual assault against Prince Andrew deemed admissible by American justice

Prince Andrew, here in June 2020, is the subject of a civil lawsuit in New York. LINDSEY PARNABY / AFP The American court’s decision was expected to say the least. Lawyers for British Prince Andrew have not obtained from the Manhattan federal court judge the dismissal of a civil complaint for “sexual assault”, filed in … Read more

Nits on ancient mummies shed light on South American ancestry

Journal Reference: Mikkel W Pedersen, Catia Antunes, Binia De Cahsan, J Víctor Moreno-Mayar, Martin Sikora, Lasse Vinner, Darren Mann, Pavel B Klimov, Stuart Black, Catalina Teresa Michieli, Henk R Braig, M Alejandra Perotti. Ancient human genomes and environmental DNA from the cement attaching 2,000 year-old head lice nits. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2021; DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msab351 … Read more

The year of doubt for American democracy

Editorial of the “World”. The assault on the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, cast a dark veil over democracy in this great country. That an outgoing president beaten regularly at the polls do everything to prevent the peaceful transfer of power had definitely infamous Donald Trump’s mandate. What has happened since, while less … Read more

A year after the assault on Capitol Hill, back to the day when American democracy faltered

Supporters of Donald Trump demonstrate outside Capitol Hill in Washington on January 6, 2021. ALEX EDELMAN / AFP Donald Trump’s children are not known for their crises of conscience. However, on January 6, 2021, they are terrified. As are dozens of elected Republicans. Or the biggest stars of the conservative Fox News channel. Their partisan … Read more

Transgender: Brown’s American Battle Against Lia. And Daley’s British battle for inclusion

Lia Thomas (NY Post) Erika Brown, American national at the Games, opened the debate on Instagram on the controversial case of Lia Thomas, who risks passing for the Semenya of swimming: “We cannot allow transgender women to compete with biological women, who are disadvantaged in this comparison. I want to share a topic that is … Read more

Death of American researcher Edward Osborne Wilson, father of sociobiology and defender of biodiversity

American researcher Edward Osborne Wilson, March 1, 2000. JOHN FOLEY / OPALE His work is so vast that some have believed to see in him a “New Darwin”, when others nicknamed him more affectionately « Ant Man », the ant man. American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson died on December 26, 2021 in Burlington, Massachusetts, at … Read more

In the Latin American region of Gran Chaco, deforestation is not inevitable

In the region of Salta, Argentina, May 17, 2019. Deforestation of the Gran Chaco still continues and soybean plantations are increasing. JONATHAN FONTAINE / HANS LUCAS Scathing, the sun beats down on a dusty dirt road traced between thick brambles, shrubs and, here and there, providing shade in the drought, quebrachos – tall South American … Read more

Broken promises and overly ambitious goals, Joe Biden abused by the American press

US President Joe Biden in Hartford, Connecticut, to defend his “Build Back Better” social reform plan on October 15, 2021. LEAH MILLIS / REUTERS The american president “Had to restore order in the face of chaos [laissé par l’ancien président, Donald Trump] in Washington. But chaos prevails “. It’s in these unambiguous words that the … Read more

Novavax, the American biotech that was saved by its vaccine against Covid-19

In the Novavax laboratories in Gaithersburg (Maryland), in March 2020. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP It is the latest in the arsenal of the European Union (EU) against Covid-19. The European Commission gave the green light, Monday, December 20, to the marketing of Nuvaxovid, the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 developed by the American biotech Novavax. Europe’s decision … Read more