Afghan Frontex interpreter expelled by Greeks to Turkey

Naked, badly beaten, stripped of documents, phone and money by Greek policemen in the Evros border region before being deported to Turkey on a dinghy in the middle of the river, with nearly a hundred migrants. This is the chilling account of an Afghan interpreter working for the European border surveillance agency Frontex published on … Read more

Sharbat Gula, the famous “Afghan with green eyes” of “National Geographic” refugee in Italy

A copy of “National Geographic” with the portrait of Sharbat Gula by Steve McCurry in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. BK BANGASH / AP What does it matter if the photo has been retouched : this is one of the most famous looks in the history of photography. Sharbat Gula’s expression and her emerald eyes, in … Read more

Afghan civil society suffocated behind closed doors

Par Ghazal Golshiri Posted today at 12h00 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageA group of women recount the gradual rise in the Taliban’s intimidation and repression. In the first weeks after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, on August 15, women took to the streets of major cities to protest the misogynist laws of the country’s new … Read more

Afghan refugees: “Faced with the horror, faced with the emergency, a change of policy is necessary”

Tribune. It was in the middle of August. Kabul had just fallen into the hands of the Taliban. It started with a few phone calls: colleagues and friends asked us to help one of their relatives, Afghan brothers or sisters, to evacuate them as quickly as possible from Afghanistan, before the American troops withdrew on … Read more

“What’s the use of going to school if you can’t work?” »: Confidences of Afghan women in a beauty salon in Kandahar

Par Ghazal Golshiri Posted today at 10:15 a.m., updated at 1:59 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageIn the big city of southern Afghanistan, the Taliban order is worsening the living conditions of women a little more every day. In Kandahar, arguably even more than in the rest of Afghanistan, women are largely absent from public … Read more

The Afghan crisis, a boon for Uzbekistan

A freight train slowly emerges from the sandstorm and disappears again, continuing its course towards the Afghan border. “Here, we call it afganiets [l’“Afghan”], a southerly wind laden with dust ”, explains, in an approximate Russian Bakhodir, a taxi driver who twiddles his thumbs not far from an Uzbek checkpoint. Visibility is reduced to less … Read more

Pentagon says strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians was in accordance with the law of war

Afghans are gathered next to a damaged vehicle in the aftermath of a US drone strike in Kabul on August 30, 2021. REPRESENTATIVE KOHSAR / AFP The US drone strike that killed ten Afghan civilians, including seven children, in Kabul on August 29 was a tragic mistake but did not violate the laws of war, … Read more