July 24, 2021

“Worm, Lazio is fascist.” But the fans defend him on social media

At his ‘baptism’ among his companions in retreat in Auronzo di Cadore, Elseid Hysaj he had sung Beautiful Hello, complete with videos shared on social networks. A choice that was not liked by a fringe of his fans, who did not fail to point out. A real case has broken out around the Albanian defender ex Napoli, targeted first on social media and then by a banner that appeared on the Corso Francia bridge, in Rome: “Hysaj worm, Lazio is fascist!”, the eloquent content.

Already after that Hysaj had been targeted on social media, Lazio had exposed themselves by defending their player, with an official note: “It is the duty of the Company to protect one of its members and remove them from personal and political exploitation that certainly in this case have nothing to do with the informal and friendly context in which the episode took place”. “The retirement of the team must continue in the maximum sporting commitment and in the climate of serenity that has been breathed up to now,” added the Capitoline club. In in the evening then the banner appeared, the photo of which made the rounds of social media.

The ultra ‘Franchino’: “You were wrong, no excuses”

Even before the banner, even a historical member of the Lazio curve like Franco Costantino (called ‘Franchino’) had expressed his disappointment towards the defender: «Historically ours is a far-right supporter, and I also declare this with pride. That ‘Bella Ciao’ sung with the Lazio shirt is something out of this world, Hysaj was wrong, there are no excusesHe had told Adnkronos yesterday afternoon. “I don’t believe in the story that he could not know the meaning of that song – he adds, responding to the hypothesis that the player may have heard that song in the TV series The paper house – He’s a foreigner but we got information, his father was a worker who lived here and he grew up here. Anyone who lives in Italy cannot ignore the weight of a politicized song which is Bella Ciao ».

Social media defend it, #iostoconHysaj in trend

But if a small part of the Lazio is not there, in many on social media defend the player, refusing to be considered all fascists: l’hashtag #iostoconHysaj it quickly ended up in the trending topics this morning. «Lazio is not a fascist. The authors of that ignoble banner are fascists, they represent only themselves», writes the former radio commentator of Tutto il calcio minute by minute Riccardo Cucchi on Twitter. «Absurd but necessary in 2021 to reiterate that by repudiating fascism, Lazio is now Lazio and has not merged with other Roman clubs. Lazio is not a fascist, Lazio belongs to all of us fans and enthusiasts», writes a user. «Fascism out of Italy, Fascists out of the stadiums and the cheering of football. Solidarity with Lazio»writes another.

Last updated: Tuesday 20 July 2021, 11:15