July 24, 2021

“He blocked me on social media and WhatsApp”

Nicolò ZanioloL’from (pregnant and near the end of her pregnancy) Sara Scaperrotta launches serious accusations against the Roma striker. The girl, who got pregnant before the end of the story with the young striker, come on Instagram Stories she accuses him of blocking her.

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Very little is missing from the birth of Tommaso, the child who Sara Scaperrotta carries in her womb. The girl, however, accused her ex, Nicolò Zaniolo, of having ‘unmarked’ from his parental responsibilities. “The time has almost come. I have reached the end of my pregnancy journey, aware that this will be the beginning of the most beautiful, exciting, serious and demanding journey of my life. I have never talked about my private life, because as such I have always tried to protect myself and my baby. With this awareness, after months of silence, I chose to clarify some things, since it is my strong desire to have my child born in the most serene atmosphere possible, without leaving anything unfinished “- the young and future mother wrote on Instagram -” Tommaso it is the fruit of the love of two people: it was wanted, sought, desired and the discovery of his arrival was celebrated in an atmosphere of shared joy. Then something changed, and I suddenly found myself walking this path towards parenthood alone, without any kind of support ».

The allegations against Nicolò Zaniolo they don’t end there. «The fear I felt at the beginning due to the absence of a father figure for the child and an accomplice with whom to undertake this path, soon turned into a strong disappointment, also for the modalities that were reserved for me. Not for the media storm in which I found myself or for the news of his private life that promptly reached me in the press, but because Nicolò was losing all the emotions, the discoveries, that mixture of joy and fear that characterize the whole period of pregnancy “- she adds Sara Scaperrotta – “For these reasons I have tried several times to involve him without success, my every attempt to contact was in vain, even blocking the social channels and WhatsApp, and I found myself in front of a strong communicative and emotional wall”.

“It was never my intention to make this special, delicate and intimate moment spectacular, nor to make it a cause for complaint. My only goal, today and always, is Tommaso’s well-being, to protect his growth and development path, and to ensure that he always has a serene and trusted support network, which one day he will be able to call family “- he concludes Sara Scaperrotta – “I really hope that the walls are knocked down and that Nicolò finally finds the courage to emancipate himself and make his feelings count, opening his father’s heart to enjoy all the beauty that comes from being a parent”.

Last updated: Monday 19 July 2021, 18:48