World Cup qualification: team boss question is clarified after Moldova

According to ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel, the 4: 2 against Israel has no direct impact on the future of the team boss. Afterwards, neither Schöttel nor the new ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich made a clear commitment to go to the World Cup play-offs in March with the 55-year-old. Both were satisfied with the performance. The clarifying talks will only take place after the final qualifying game against Moldova on Monday.

“Nothing has changed in the situation,” emphasized Schöttel at an ÖFB media meeting in Klagenfurt. “We said we would talk about this course after the course, about the whole year, about the problems that we also had. That will happen quite normally after the second international match, with a few days’ gap. ”So far, he has had two long conversations with Milletich. Most recently, the new head of the association was with the national team from Thursday to Saturday to introduce himself.

Austria defeated Israel in World Cup qualifiers

Austria’s national soccer team celebrated a 4-2 victory over Israel on Friday.

Next confirmation against Moldova

Milletich saw a committed performance on Friday, which should not be any different against Moldova, as Foda emphasized. “We have to call up the performance again and confirm it again.” The Moldovans are a very defensive opponent who could make scoring goals more difficult for the ÖFB team than the Israelis. Foda: “We have to move forward again quickly, if the opportunity presents itself, and find solutions in the last third.”

That must succeed again without Christoph Baumgartner and David Alaba, who is also spared at Real Madrid’s request. The failures are typical for the course of the World Cup qualification, reminded Foda of the failures of various key players.

Recapturing the fans

“It ran through a bit like a red thread. Over and over again changes, over and over again improvising. It is logical that then maybe a little harmony will be lost. ”This week, however, the team was able to prepare well. “It was a good move in training. Every day you had the feeling that they wanted to prove themselves. “

The ÖFB team also wanted to win back the fans. 4,300 had come to the Wörthersee Stadium – a negative record in an ÖFB international match in the post-war period without CoV capacity restrictions. According to Foda, it was clear that the recovery was only possible with a “passionate, courageous performance”. The 55-year-old saw it with his team. “But it is also important to classify this victory correctly, not to exaggerate, to stay down to earth.”

Goal not achieved

You are basically satisfied with the game, said Foda. “But we didn’t achieve our goal in the group.” The first two places we were striving for were out of reach even before the final doubles. Even for third place behind Denmark and Scotland, the ÖFB team against Moldova would have to win three goals higher than Israel against the Faroe Islands. In the last World Cup qualifier for 2018, the Austrians finished fourth behind Serbia, Ireland and Wales. Team boss Marcel Koller had to leave afterwards.

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World Cup qualification: team boss question is clarified after Moldova