World Cup in Qatar – difficult search for a hotel

From November 27 to December 18, 2022, 32 soccer teams will play for the title of world champion in Qatar. In addition to the host, twelve nations have already qualified. These include associations that have fans who love to travel.

This is likely to be the case with the Argentines, Brazilians, Danes, English and Germans in 2022, despite all possible reservations about the human rights situation in Qatar and the circumstances of the award. Even the situation in the corona pandemic, which continues to be very difficult to forecast, will not prevent many from looking for tickets.

The world association still has FIFA not announced when the first sales phase will start, but it should be in January. The news agency reported on Wednesday (December 29, 2021) Associated Press (AP), the in the corresponding post writes that it is currently almost impossible to find overnight accommodations for the period of WM to be found in Qatar, especially in the capital Doha.

Cheapest room for 325 euros

Internet research by the Sportschau on the major booking portals as well as the online presence of large hotel chains represented in Qatar confirms this. Only two hotels were available on Wednesday afternoon (29.12.2021), the cheaper night costs 325 euros.

Sold out, also “booked up”, can be found on the websites of the hotel chains.

According to the AP, most of the rooms in Qatar are already blocked by the organizing committee, “partly to prevent usury, but above all to provide capacities for the participating teams, FIFA officials, sponsors and the media” to be able to provide.

For the fan who wants to cheer on his team in the desert and, thanks to the short distances, maybe even want to visit several games a day, it is very difficult to find accommodation, the AP news agency concludes.

Qatar expects 850,000 visitors from abroad

In her report she writes of a little more than 33,000 rooms and apartments that are available. That is very close in view of the 1.2 million fans expected by FIFA at the World Cup. According to the AP, however, the Qatari organizers are expecting around 850,000 visitors.

This looks like a big dilemma indeed, but there are a few things to consider. Like the sports show recently during a visit to the Arab Cups, the dress rehearsal for the World Cup, reported from Qatar that many hotels are still under construction. In addition, it could be that many rooms have not yet been released for booking.

Lots of open questions

How many beds there will be in the tented villages that will be created as fan accommodation is also open. Currently it is only possible to enter interest in accommodation and to register on the FIFA homepage. The Supreme CommitteeAs the organizing committee of the World Cup calls itself, AP announced that 90,000 rooms will later be bookable via the portal, based on the principle: first come, first served.

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World Cup in Qatar – difficult search for a hotel