Will coach Jílek take Sigma’s failed fall? I don’t know if it’s on the agenda, said the coach – Sport.cz

By winning over Zlín, you could at least partially repair your tarnished reputation. What was the problem that it didn’t work out?

The competition in our country is not what it should be at the moment. We have been missing the boys in the offensive phase for a long time. The only striker available is Tonda Růsek. We would need to send a player to the field at a certain stage of the match, which would bring new energy. It’s similar in wing positions. Vaněček, Zifčák, Hála, that’s a big loss. The quality is simply lacking. We have young boys who have everything in front of them, but hardly we can want them to decide such matches now

Are you already waiting impatiently for the return of Mojmír Chytil, who got into excellent shape in Pardubice, where did you send him to guest?

We are looking forward to it, but it concerns more players. As I said, we were a little overwhelmed by the fact that we didn’t have enough players to compete. Mojmír showed in Pardubice what we expected from that. Maximum occupancy, good productivity. I firmly believe that he will transfer his self-confidence here and be a player who will help us in difficult situations and matches.

Do you consider it a mistake that you released him?

No. None of us has a crystal ball and he could not count that Zifčák and Vaněček will be hurt. These are things you can hardly guess. We put him there to play, because he showed quality last season and it didn’t seem so good to us in preparation. That is why he was given space there, and that the situation developed in this way is a matter of coincidence.

Undoubtedly, did you expect more from your team after a great start to the season?

Certainly. I had an inner idea that a sign of balance, team quality is that we have at least one and a half points per match. However, we would now have to have about 27 points and we do not have them. We are quite below this limit. And for various reasons. We also lost points in matches where we had to touch them.

Points and location is one thing. But what about the game speech? Shouldn’t you have been better?

The demands we have on the team are, of course, higher than what he demonstrates. On the one hand, it is a question of the player’s potential that we have in the way we play. And then it’s up to us coaches to pass on our thoughts to the players so that they can implement them on the field. But we are now in a situation where we do not have enough points, when the boys lack confidence. Therefore, I would not talk about their quality. The moment you have confidence and you believe, it will come out on its own. We hide a lot, we don’t want to take responsibility. We lack that and we will therefore address it.

The beginning of the team’s season turned out great. The decline that has come is attributable only to large-scale marauders?

The decisive moments came for me in the matches in Mladá Boleslav and at home with Baník, which we had to win and in both we only drew. In the first, the development of the season broke down and began to go against us. In addition, Vaněček was injured in it. Baník and I went to ten and then lost the lead in the end. Our mood, the players’ faith, our self-confidence were breaking. The following duels in Teplice and Bohemians were no longer good. We got into a cramp, and a lot of the injured. We played with Hradec Králové without all four stoppers, then with Slavia again without classic attackers. So the circumstances were difficult and we did not deal with it enough.

What will happen to the Spaniard Gonzalez, whose contract expires in the summer and the club does not want to extend it due to his exaggerated demands?

If there is no offer in the winter, he remains a legitimate player of the team. It’s more a question of sports leadership, how to deal with it, how we communicate it, or whether we will have an alternative. I think the last match showed that if he was here, he would definitely help us.

Do you think that your position will be addressed as well?

I can’t answer that. I don’t know if it’s on the agenda, how the management will react. We didn’t solve it.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Olomouc football player Michal Vepřek in action.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

What do you say to veteran Michal Vepřek, who jumped into the position of a hitchhiker?

He was our best player in the final matches. Both from the point of view of the defense, when he perfectly managed difficult situations with center attackers, and from the point of view of construction, when he had by far the largest offer and an effort for a constructive solution. For us, it is definitely a signal to work with that information in some way.

Will you require reinforcements for the spring part?

When players who have been missing for a long time recover, they increase competition and put pressure on others. They have already proven quality when they were available. Then the others will go up with them. We see a certain space where we need someone in the middle row and in the wing players. However, we will continue to give young people a chance, as we announced before the season, but they have to defend it on the pitch with the quality of their performances.

In the autumn, would you find any other positives besides the already mentioned Pork?

Definitely Tonda Růsek. At the beginning of the season, we had higher demands on him, because he came with great expectations. However, he did not manage to fulfill them, but at the end of the autumn he was already one of our key players and confirmed this when he started to promote himself as well. I was also pleased with Jirka Spáčil, and his incorporation into the set. The player we pulled out of the bull could have a very good future here. In the last three matches, he was the only one who had confidence. Even in difficult situations, he was not afraid to go for a constructive, above-standard solution. And then there is Juraj Chvátal, who had an excellent start to the season. Unfortunately, he was injured for eight matches and returned against Zlín. So there are positives, but with regard to the point gain, there are more negatives.

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Will coach Jílek take Sigma’s failed fall? I don’t know if it’s on the agenda, said the coach – Sport.cz