“Violent and fascist”: Marseille banned for Lazio fans

This was decided by the French Minister of the Interior Darmanin who signed a prohibition order for Thursday’s match. The biancoceleste club: “Free offenses, we have always fought the violent”

No Lazio fans in the away match in Marseille. This was decided by the French Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin who signed a prohibition order for the match against Olympique on Thursday, valid for the group stage of the Europa League. The decision, explained the minister, is due to the “repeated interpretation of fascist songs and the carrying out of Nazi greetings”. Moreover, in Marseille there have already been accidents, with 32 injured (almost all policemen) and 5 arrests, on 30 September last on the occasion of the match against Galatasaray and we want to avoid the risk that certain events are repeated, given the non-idyllic relations between the fans of Lazio and the French club.


“Lazio fans are prohibited from going to Marseille, either individually or in groups, and by any means – it is written in the ordinance -. They will be prohibited from entering any French border point, road, port, rail and airport and also (for those who were already in France ed) in the metropolitan area of ​​Marseille “. All this, according to the ministry “due to the violent behavior of certain groups of Lazio fans, which regularly create problems in the city centers and around the stadiums where they play”. The “habit” of some Biancocelesti supporters of “singing fascist songs and making the Nazi salute” is then mentioned. It is then recalled that on the last occasion in which Marseille hosted Lazio, on 25 October 2018, “four people were stabbed the night before the match, in clashes that involved almost 200 people” and that even on the day of the match there there were accidents between the two supporters. It should also be remembered that on the occasion of the first leg match (0-0) on 21 October last, the Marseille fans were banned from traveling to Rome.

Replica Lazio

Lazio’s reply was not late. “The decision by the French Interior Ministry to ban Lazio fans from traveling to the city of Marseille as a precaution is not surprising and is in line with what the Italian authorities have already decided in the first leg. What is surprising are the methods of application of the ordinance on a national scale and its unjustifiable reasons (which were also reported on national news): Lazio cannot accept a free offense to all the biancoceleste fans and to the club itself. , who has always fought violent behavior and any kind of discrimination with concrete actions, inside and outside the stadiums ”, is what we read in a press release from the Lotito club. Furthermore, it is specified that “The Lazio Sports Society has always put in place initiatives aimed at promoting the value principles of sport and overcoming all barriers of a social, cultural, economic, ethnic and religious nature, as has been widely recognized even by the highest institutional levels. We have also seen that violence in stadiums is unfortunately still a widespread and worrying phenomenon, starting with what happened recently at the Velodrome in Marseille. We therefore expect a clarification from the French institutions and a clear stance of our diplomacy towards expressions of indignation that should indign all Italians, regardless of whether they are fans or not and the colors of their flags ”.

The intervention of Meloni

“Fratelli d’Italia asks the Government to take immediate action to prevent the unjustified discrimination created by the provision of the French Ministry of the Interior which prohibits all Lazio fans or anyone who presents themselves as such on 3 and 4 November from entering France “. This is the note from the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni. “We are faced with a dangerous precedent: on the occasion of a football match, in this case Marseille-Lazio, the government of Paris does not limit itself to prohibiting access to the stadium or the city that hosts the game, it even goes so far as to deny access on French soil ‘from road, rail, port and airport border posts’ not only to those who would like to go to the stadium but to anyone who claims to be supporters of a team. We expect from the Prime Minister Draghi and the Italian government a taking a clear stance on a provision that goes against all international laws on the free movement of persons “.

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“Violent and fascist”: Marseille banned for Lazio fans