Verona – Atalanta: 1-2 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport

  • Thank you for following the live broadcast of VERONA-ATALANTA 1-2 with us, see you in the next round of Serie A TIM.16:58

  • A spectacular match at the Bentegodi in which Verona and Atalanta played blow for blow. Gasperini won it by remedying Tudor the first home defeat of his management. At 22 ‘Simeone’s goal opens the scoring, then Miranchuk at 37’ restores the level of equality. Verona gives it all on the pitch against the dull Goddess, but in the 62nd minute Koopmeiners receives and shoots from outside the area, finding Tameze’s deviation that displaces Montipò and gives Atalanta the winning goal.16:58

  • 90’+3′

    End of the match of VERONA-ATALANTA 1-2. Gasperini’s team takes the Bentegodi.16:55

  • 90’+2′

    WARNED Caprari! Protests of the number 10 of Verona against the referee Sacchi.16:54

  • 90′

    The referee Sacchi allows 3 minutes of recovery before the end of the match.16:52

  • 89′

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Tear from Zapata who goes away to a Verona defender, then the Colombian striker swerves and serves in the center for the conclusion of Hateboer, but Montipò is overtaken and deflects for a corner.16:50

  • 88′

    Another exchange between Simeone and Bessa, with the Verona midfielder going to the conclusion, but being closed at the last minute.16:49

  • 86′

    WARNINGS Zapata!16:47

  • 85′

    Pezzella exits, Palomino enters. Fifth and final substitution for Atalanta.16:46

  • 85′

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! De Roon makes an excellent ball flow for Ilicic who ends from distance with the left-handed, but the ball comes out by a whisker.16:47

  • 82′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Verticalization of Bessa serving Simeone, good at turning the Argentine striker and groped for a powerful conclusion from outside the area with the ball coming out by a whisker.16:44

  • 82′

    STATISTICAL PILL – Giovanni Simeone has scored 12 goals in this league: among the foreign players of Verona only Emanuele Del Vecchio (13 in 1957/58) did better in a Serie A season.16:43

  • 81′

    Ceccherini exits, Cancellieri enters. Fourth substitution for Verona.16:43

  • 79′

    Demiral steals the ball from Bessa giving in to Ilicic, then the Turkish defender suggests the pass by entering the area, but at the moment of the conclusion he slips and nullifies the attack opportunity.16:40

  • 78′

    Miranchuk exits, Pessina enters. Fourth substitution for Atalanta.16:39

  • 75′

    Excellent exchange between Caprari and Faraoni, with the yellow-blue winger who goes to the conclusion walled by Demiral.16:36

  • 74′

    Verona tries to react with a filter for Caprari, but too long a pass that ends up in the hands of Musso who anticipates everyone at the exit.16:35

  • 71′

    Magnani exits, Sutalo enters. Third substitution for Verona.16:32

  • 70′

    Cross by Faraoni from the right that he receives from Veloso and then crosses in the center for the header of Magnani who turns too much the conclusion sending the ball to the side.16:32

  • 67′

    Zapata enters the area on the left and tries the conclusion with the left-handed, but Magnani is good at moving the attacker and preventing him from reaching the goal.16:30

  • 62′

    GOAL! Verona 1-2 ATALANTA. Teun Koopmeiners network. Zapata recovers the ball in attack, then Veloso to close gives the ball to Koomeiners who shoots from outside the area finding the lucky deviation of Tameze that displaces Montipò for the advantage of the Goddess.

    Look at the player’s card Teun Koopmeiners16:25

    Teun Koopmeiners
  • 62′

    Immediately dangerous Miguel Veloso who widens on the left, then tries with the left-handed, but his conclusion ends abundantly high.16:24

  • 60′

    Lasagna goes out, Bessa enters. Second substitution for Verona.16:22

  • 60′

    Ilić exits, Veloso enters. First substitution for Verona.16:21

  • 59′

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Ilicic steals the ball at the edge of the area then serves on the Demiral run that only in the penalty area pulls on Montipò who rejects, then again the Turkish defender who sends high.16:21

  • 56′

    Pašalić exits, Zapata enters. Third substitution for Atalanta.16:19

  • 56′

    Muriel comes out and Iličić comes in. Second substitution for Atalanta.16:19

  • 52′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Casale steals the ball from Pasalic, then serves behind Tameze who kicks very well from the right and from outside the area with a great response from Musso who rejects while diving, then Magnani tries the shot, but sends out.16:18

  • 48′

    Muriel maneuvers the ball between the yellow and blue defensive lines, the Nerazzurri striker remains outside the area trying to finish with his right foot, but Montipò blocks without problems.16:10

  • 45′

    The second half of VERONA-ATALANTA 1-1 begins. First ball played by Gasperini’s team.16:07

  • 45′

    Zappacosta exits, Hateboer enters. First substitution, at the interval, for Atalanta.16:07

  • Verona starts strong and you can see it in the first few minutes when they build one action after another. At 22 ‘Faraoni from the right serves in the area for Simeone who tries the shot and beats a not-so-perfect Musso. Tudor’s team takes the chair and tries to double, but the Goddess is good at counterattacks: at 33 ‘Miranchuk steals the ball and serves Pasalic who hits the post. After four minutes the Nerazzurri draw: Muriel serves Pezzella in the area who turns around, then Miranchuk arrives who takes the ball and with a feint of body manages to beat Montipò.16:06

  • 45′

    End of the first half of VERONA-ATALANTA 1-1. Equal to Bentegodi with a goal for both teams.15:50

  • 45′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Cross in the center from a corner for Ceccherini’s header who tries to stretch at the far post, but the Atalanta defense moves away. Recover Caprari from the left putting in the center for the detachment of Magnani who ends up outside.15:50

  • 42′

    WARNED Ceccherini! The Verona defender stops Miranchuk’s restart.15:46

  • 40′

    Corner Atalanta: from the Koopmeiners flag with a cross in the center, Montipò misses the exit and then a Gialloblù defender sweeps away. 15:44

  • 37′

    GOAL! Verona 1-1 ATALANTA. Aleksey Miranchuk Network. Muriel brings the ball serving Pezzella who in the area awaits the arrival of Miranchuk who signs the draw for the Goddess a few steps away.

    See the player profile Aleksey Miranchuk15:42

    Aleksey Miranchuk
  • 33′

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Error in Verona’s exit with Miranchuk who starts again and immediately serves Pasalic, the midfielder of the Goddess coordinates and hits the post sensationally with the left-handed! Gasperini’s team close to equalizing.15:43

  • 30′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Insertion of Simeone who favors Lasagna’s shot, but Musso is ready and blocks the ball.15:35

  • 26′

    Atalanta’s free kick long hit on the right post by Koopmeiners for Demiral’s header that sends too high.15:31

  • 24′

    Again Pharaohs from the right who this time fishes Lasagna, the Gialloblù striker with his back to goal serves for the discharge of Casale, but Atalanta closes the offensive action of Verona.15:29

  • 22′

    GOAL! VERONA-Atalanta 1-0. Network of Giovanni Pablo Simeone. Launch from the right by Faraoni who catches Simeone who carries the ball and from a tight angle pulls on the near post where Musso finds himself unprepared for the Gialloblù advantage.

    Look at the player’s card Giovanni Simeone15:28

    Giovanni Simeone
  • 21′

    The home team seems to be in control of the game, while Atalanta is relying only on counterattacks and the initiatives of individuals, such as Muriel who, however, does not find support forwards.15:25

  • 18′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Restart of the Tudor team, with Lasagna carrying the ball and serving Caprari on the other side who all alone sends high.15:23

  • 17′

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Lazovic crosses from the left with Ceccherini who controls with a stop in the chest and serves Simeone: the yellow-blue striker, with his back to the goal, turns and shoots, finding the answer from Musso who blocks.15:22

  • 14′

    At this moment it is Tudor’s team to keep the ball in the game by maneuvering in attack, with Atalanta who is careful to close the spaces to the yellow and blue players.15:18

  • 10′

    Muriel tries to break through in the defense of Verona, controls wide left in the area, then tries a slow conclusion that ends up in the hands of Montipò.15:14

  • 7′

    Corner Atalanta: Koopmeiners cross at the near post for Djimsiti who tries to make the tower, but there is no one at the far post. 15:12

  • 5′

    First chance for Hellas with Ilic’s cross from the trocar to look for Casale who hits his head, with Musso blocking without problems.15:10

  • 3′

    Sprint start for Verona who immediately try to worry Atalanta. Quick exchanges between Lasagna and Simeone, with the latter being closed by the defense and by the low exit of Musso.15:07

  • The first half of VERONA-ATALANTA begins. Referee Juan Luca Sacchi of the AIA section of Macerata directs the match.15:04

  • Gasperini opts for a specular form, but launches Djmisiti from the first minute in place of Palomino tired from the efforts of the Champions. Zappacosta resumes the right lane, while Koopmeiners will be the owner in midfield. Pasalic and Miranchuck behind Muriel.14:32

  • Tudor fielded two forwards, with Lasagna alongside Caprarie to support Simeone. In midfield the Ilic-Tameze duo, while Magnani returns to defense.16:22

  • OFFICIAL TRAINING. 3-4-2-1 for Atalanta: Musso; Toloi, Demiral, Djimsiti; Zappacosta, De Roon, Koopmeiners, Pezzella; Pasalic; Miranchuk, Muriel. Available: Rossi, Sportiello, Maehle, Palomino, Freuler, Pessina, Hateboer, Lovato, Ilicic, Zapata, Piccoli.15:43

  • OFFICIAL TRAINING. 3-4-2-1 for Hellas Verona: Montipò; Casale, Magnani, Ceccherini; Faraoni, Tameze, Ilic, Lazovic; Caprari; Lasagna, Simeone. Available: Pandur, Berardi, Veloso, Barak, Cetin, Chancellors, Ruegg, Bessa, Sutalo, Ragusa, Coppola.14:14

  • Atalanta wants to take advantage of Milan’s misstep to try to reach the top of the standings and then wait for the results from Napoli and Inter. Tudor’s Hellas are a team that doesn’t discount anyone at home.14:17

  • Everything is ready at Bentegodi for the Verona-Atalanta match, valid for the 17th matchday of Serie A TIM.14:06

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39211 spectators14:06

    Marcantonio Bentegodi
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    Verona – Atalanta: 1-2 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport