U21 World Cup: clear and flawless success of the young Red Lions against South Africa (5-1)

Belgium – South Africa 5-1

The Belgians played at 16 as Pierre de Gratie did not go up while Lucas Putters, ill in recent days, remained on the bench.

From the first minutes, the young Red Lions were masters of the ball. Englebert was very present to animate the game on the left flank. The opportunities were a bit late. In the 6th minute, the referee awarded a first pc for the Belgians (reception of a flick in the circle). Duvekot gave it and was on the rebound to deceive the South African goalkeeper (1-0). For a dangerous play towards Onana, the Belgians played a 2pc streak in this first quarter. In vain. With 33 seconds from the end of the first quarter, the South Africans got their first chance via a pc. The last 30 seconds were more complicated and Baart’s proteges conceded a second pc on the buzzer. Van Tonder sent him on the stick side of Fledheim who was beaten.

In the 22nd minute, Onana recovered a ball to go alone in the circle and arm a shot on target. The Belgians dominated the game and were masters of the ball without creating many chances. The Belgians are especially impressive in terms of recovery. It is also on yet another recovery on the left flank that Englebert served Onana isolated on the baseline. The Braxgata striker spun into the circle and deceived the keeper (2-1). In the 28th minute, Duvekot intercepted another defensive exit which gave Wilbers a shot. The Belgians confirmed their desire to dominate the game in this second quarter. Feldheim watched the proceedings from afar.

“It was the first half that we expected”, explained at the break Jeroen Baart. “We have laid down our structure and show our desire to control the game with serenity.”

In the 3rd quarter, Feldheim conceded the 3rd pc because he was the second on the reception of a flick. Jarvis had played the shot well. The sleep was spinning out of the frame. On an acceleration at the edge of the circle, van Cleynenbreugel forced 3rd pc for the Belgians. De Winter’s sleep knocked the first Posthumus fighter down, and Raemdonck at the back gave off a nice sense of serenity. Duvekot was not far from this 3-1 in the 44th minute. This third quarter still showed the ability of the Belgians to control the game. They dominated in all sectors. In the 45th minute, Onana played with two defenders to serve in the Duvekot circle who armed a powerful backhand shot (3-1). The station wagon was done.

In the 48th minute, Stockbroekx shot in the circle. Wilbers brought in a new pc for Belgians who also dominated this last quarter. The South Africans could not put pressure on the end of the match. Coming from the right flank, Van Dessel deceived the keeper in the 54th minute and gently pushed the ball between his legs (4-1). It was again the Belgians who were going to look for a new pc in the 57th minute via Onana. On the 2nd pc, Van Cleynenbreugel was broke outside the circle. He quickly played the fault and offered a shot in the circle (5-1). The South Africans responded with a pc that came out by the first sorter.

The young Red Lions will face Malaysia in the group stage on Friday. The objective remains the first place of a group more than ever within their reach.

Romain Duvekot was elected man of the match: “It was important to start the tournament with a victory because it gives confidence. We played well. We now need to recover and sleep well for the future.”

Belgium U21 – South Africa U21 5-1

Belgium U21 : Feldhim ; T. Deplus, T. Biekens, Raemdonck, Geers, Englebert, van Dessel, de Backer, Van Cleynenbreugel, Duvekot, Stockbroekx, Puis Onana, De Winter, Wilbers, Hainaut, Cockelaere

South Africa U21 : Bird, Morgan, Ngubane, Posthumus, Jarvis, van Tonder, le Forestier, de Lora, Dewar, Wynford, Davies; Puis Raath, Simons, Tun, Kraai, Campbell, Abdulla.

The referees : MM. D. Barstow (Ang) and P. van den Assum (PB)

Green cards: 39th Biekens, 40th Crow, 52nd Ngubane

The goals : 6th Duvekot sur pc (1-0), 15th van Tonder sur pc (1-1), 24th Onana (2-1), 45th Duvekot (3-1), 54th Van Dessel (4-1), 57th Van Cleynenbreugel (5-1)

The Belgians program

Malaysia – Belgium Fr 3 p.m.

Belgium – Chile Sat 12:30 p.m.

Sixteen countries were divided into 4 pools. The first two qualify for the quarter-finals.

The 4 hens

Pool A. – Belgium, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa

Pool B. – Canada, France, India, Poland

Pool C. – Korea, Netherlands, Spain, USA

Pool D. – Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan

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U21 World Cup: clear and flawless success of the young Red Lions against South Africa (5-1)