Twelve injured at New Year’s Eve party in Berlin

New year’s start largely calm
Twelve injured at New Year’s Eve party in Berlin

Millions of Germans greeted the year 2022 relatively calmly. Nationwide, fire brigades and police only report smaller deployments. In Berlin there is an explosion at a party with twelve injured.

From the perspective of the emergency services, Germany started the new year very quietly. Despite another fundamental ban on the sale of fireworks in order to relieve the hospitals of additional patients, firecrackers could be heard in many places, and colorful rockets could also be seen in the sky. Compared to previous years, however, the night was much quieter. Because of the pandemic and above all for fear of the Omikron variant, private celebrations were only allowed on a small scale nationwide.

In the east of Berlin, twelve people were injured in the explosion of illegal fireworks at a private New Year’s Eve party. All injured had to be brought to clinics for treatment, said the fire department. Fortunately, there were no very serious injuries. According to the fire brigade, the youngest injured is an eleven-year-old boy, the other injured are adolescents and adults.

After initial investigations, the police assume that illegal pyrotechnics were ignited at the celebration in the Friedrichshagen district. There is no other way to explain the number and severity of the injuries, said a spokesman.

Gathering of people at the Brandenburg Gate

Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate had already been canceled in advance. From there, ZDF broadcast its traditional New Year’s Eve show live, but without an audience on site. Nevertheless, around midnight, more and more people gathered near the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the New Year. After midnight, most of the “several thousand” people would have left the square again.

According to their own statements, the police checked several groups of people in downtown Berlin. “Including a few hundred young people who wanted to go to a non-existent party together,” wrote the police. The officials explained the situation to the celebrants “very philosophically”: “What is not there cannot be visited.”

Man injured in the face by missile

Elsewhere, the Berlin authorities confiscated alarm weapons. By late evening, five people received reports of violations related to explosives, drugs and corona regulations. The police were deployed in Berlin with a large contingent of 2,500 troops who also had an eye on the hot spots.

According to the fire department, a man was seriously injured in the face by a rocket in Bochum. Overall, however, there were “significantly fewer injuries from fireworks than on usual New Year’s Eve”. There were also some celebrants in Frankfurt am Main. The authorities therefore had to close several bridges in the city center. Most people, however, celebrated “peacefully in a small group,” tweeted the police. There have been isolated violations of the ban on fireworks.

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Twelve injured at New Year’s Eve party in Berlin