Toto Wolff’s warning to Max Verstappen ahead of the Mexico Grand Prix 2021

Ahead of the Mexico Grand Prix 2021, Toto Wolff warns Max Verstappen.
Mercedes’ team manager believes that Lewis Hamilton can deliberately run over his competitor to win the title.
– If they get to a position where the winner of the last race takes the title, they will run against each other, hard.

Monza 2021 (TT)

Mercedes team manager compared Hamilton and Verstappen with the World Cup fights between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. The two great champions who in the late 1980s fought against each other on the track and started a war in the battle for the World Cup title.
– If it comes to a scenario where they run against each other to win the title in the season finale in Abu Dhabi, they will definitely do the same as Prost and Senna, Wolff says to Daily Mail.

– What happened at Monza? Verstappen drove Lewis off the track because he was about to overtake him and he was faster. That’s completely understandable.

Senna and Prost

Prost and Senna at McLaren, before the war broke out (TT)

Toto Wolff is very clear with his views in the article that has been titled:

“Toto: Lewis will crash into Max if he has to.”
– If you’re driving for a title and you see that you’re losing it because the other guy is running for you. What other tools do you have to use, besides making sure he can not drive again ?, Wolff continues.
– We saw it with Schumacher and Villeneuve, we saw it with Senna and Prost. Twice about.
There are now five races left of this year’s Formula 1 championship and Verstappen has a lead of 12 points, a victory gives 25 points and the fastest lap another point. This means that it is very even before this weekend’s competition in Mexico and it is very likely that it will be an equally even fight when we reach the final Abu Dhabi in mid-December.

– You can not control Hamilton and Verstappen. And I do not think you want to control them either. They are gladiators in their machines, says Toto Wolff.
– I would never tell anyone to deliberately run into someone else, but if they get to a position where the one who wins the last race takes the title, they will run against each other. Hard.

Last Monday I listed the five toughest duels in Formula 1. You read this.

Weather forecast for the Mexico Grand Prix 2021

The temperature is expected to vary between eight degrees at night and up to 23 degrees every day during the competition weekend. Partly cloudy, but no precipitation.

Guide to the Mexico Grand Prix 2021

Autodromo Hermanos Ridriguez
Course length: 4,313 km. Clockwise
Distance to curve one: 890 meter
Number of curves: 9 right and 7 left
Curves below 100 km / h: 6 (T2, T4, T5, T6, T13, T16)
No curves are taken at more than 250 km / h.
Deck: C2, C3 and C4. Read more about the tires here.
Tire wear: Average.
Brake wear: High.
Braking zones: 8 (3 of them are hard)
Maximum speed without DRS: 349 km/team
Lowest speed: 78 km/team.
Average speed: 179 km/team.
Winning strategy 2019: 1 depot stop.
Most chosen strategy: 1 depot stop.
Race with safety car since 2003: 2 (it has been on the track 2 times)
First winner: Jim Clark, Lotus, from pole position 1963
Wins from pole position: 9
Victory from the highest starting position: Alain Prost 1990.

Statistics Mexico Grand Prix

Mexiko Grand Prix 2021
Hamilton won in Mexico City 2019 (TT)

Top 8 in the qualifier 2019:

1. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari
2. Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari
3. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
4. Max Verstappen, Red Bull
5. Alexander Albon, Red Bull
6. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes
7. Carlos Sainz, McLaren
8. Lando Norris, McLaren

Fastest qualifying lap:
Absolut: 1: 14.758 (Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, 2019)
2019: 1: 14.758 (Charles Leclerc, Ferrari)
2018: 1: 14.759 (Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull)
2017: 1: 16.488 (Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari)
2016: 1:18.704 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes)
2015: 1: 19.480 (Nico Rosberg, Mercedes)

Driver with the most poles:
Jim Clark (4)
Ayrton Senna (3)
Nigel Mansell (2)
Gerhard Berger (1)
Sebastian Vettel (1)
Clay Regazzoni (1)
Riccardo Patrese (1)
John Surtees (1)

Top 8 in Mexico Grand Prix 2019:

1. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
2. Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari
3. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes
4. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari
5. Alexander Albon, Red Bull
6. Max Verstappen, Red Bull
7. Sergio Perez, Racing Point
8. Daniel Ricciardo, Renault

Fastest lap:
Absolut: 1:16.788 (Nigel Mansell, Williams, 1991)
2019: 1: 19.232 (Charles Leclerc, Ferrari)
2018: 1: 18.741 (Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes)
2017: 1: 18.785 (Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari)
2016: 1: 21.134 (Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull)
2015: 1: 20.521 (Nico Rosberg, Mercedes)

Latest winners:
2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2018 Max Verstappen Red Bull
2017 Max Verstappen Red Bull
2016 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2015 Nico Rosberg Mercedes

The drivers with the most victories:
Jim Clark (2)
Nigel Mansell (2)
Alain Prost (2)
Lewis Hamilton (2)
Max Verstappen (2)

Number of overtaking:
2019: 36
2018: 33
2017: 24
2016: 25
2015: 27

Quick news:

Williams’ team manager Jost Capito talks about his thoughts on the collaboration with Alexander Albon.
– We wanted a driver with experience of F1, but who is also on the way up, he says to The Race.
– When you build a team, you also need to think long-term.
In other words, Williams’ intention is for Albon to stay for a longer period.

Romain Grosjean has had surgery on his hand again.

I wrote about it a couple of days ago. According to Grosjean, his left hand will never be completely perfect again.

On Monday, Linus Lundqvist tested for IndyCar. You can read more about it here.

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Toto Wolff’s warning to Max Verstappen ahead of the Mexico Grand Prix 2021