TOP troupasky of 2021: Sparta, UEFA and the famous hockey league – – scored

No one wants to make history with a similar piece that fans will remember and have a kiss from ear to ear. Even though every year the organizers, officials and athletes try their best, the players simply will not escape the fate.

He will also remember the failed point behind the World Handball Championship. The head of the International Handball Federation IHF Hasan Mustafa succeeded in an unprecedented faux pas in announcing the best teams! He won the winning Norwegians, but swapped the rest of the medal positions. He gave silver to Denmark, bronze to France and took care of the disgrace.

“You have to control this. If not, let him write it down next time. That was a disgrace, “said Mette Hansen, head of IHF in Denmark, urging officials to apologize for their mistake. And, of course, the emotional statement on the French side.” It’s disrespectful to our country. Is it normal for the IHF President not to know who played in the final and finished second in the World Cup? ” French representative Beatrice Edwige said in an interview with TV2.

No Benfica, Messi is coming

With their mouths open, fans also had to stare at the scandalous draw of the Champions League round of 16. The closely watched act turned into an unprecedented farce after it became clear that the already drawn pair Villarreal and Manchester United could not compete in the round of 16, because they had already encountered each other in the group. And so there was nothing left but to just resend all the balls and repeat the lot.

The Spanish giant Real Madrid was thus looking in vain for an acceptable juice from nearby Portugal when it was to face Benfika Lisbon. A few hours later everything was different and the White Ballet packed Paris St. Germain with former long-time White Ballet icon Sergio Ramos and Barcelona’s longtime fear Lionel Messi. “It’s very surprising, regrettable and difficult to understand, considering how many millions of fans the lot is watching,” sighed one of Real’s directors, Emilio Butragueño.

UEFA subsequently explained everything by the failure of the computer system. “Due to a technical problem with the external service provider’s software, a lottery error occurred,” she said in a statement. But the Madrid team does not believe it. It’s all a shame, “ESPN quoted its source from Real Madrid.

The confused disc jockey caught it

The organizers of the Continental League match in Helsinki also licked their shame. Shortly before Christmas Day, instead of the Belarusian anthem, they played the anthem of the Pacific archipelago of the Palau archipelago to the Dinama Minsk hockey players before the Jokerite ice game. So if one of the players wanted to sing the anthem, for example, it was not enough to wonder what was coming from the speakers in the hall. It was not enough to explain that it was a technical oversight and that a disc jockey at Hartwall Arena had made a mistake. The Finnish club received a fine from the competition management.

“What happened is, in our opinion, disrespect for the players of our team, for Dinam Minsk as a club and for the whole country. These events are absolutely unacceptable in sports competitions,” said angry CEO of the Belarusian team Sergei Susko. The anger may have been all the greater as his team lost the match in overtime. More than the result, however, there will certainly be talk of an unexpected touch of the organizers.

Čvančara: Reinforcement for Sparta B

In the list of touches, there was also events in domestic football. The officials of the Prague Sparta will probably not consider the first winter reinforcements of Letenské – forward Čvančara. He cheered up the “red” camp when he preferred to join Pavel Vrba’s team over working in Eden, but when he wore in the club video he pulled on his red jersey, the fans weren’t enough to stare. He got a T-shirt from the second-league Spartan B-side.

“It’s a huge plus for Sparta to have a reserve in the second league. It is clear that if Čvančara does not have enough playing experience in the highest competition, he can go there. But they probably didn’t buy players in the second league, “said one of the former league footballers, who noticed the excess, with a smile.

Olympic silver instead of gold

One of the fairy-tale Olympic stories was written in Beijing by road cyclist Anna Kiesenhofer. The 30-year-old Austrian surprised her favorites and won gold. She left the other Netherlands, Annemiek van Vleuten, a minute and a quarter behind. But the silver medalist also has something to remember when she shocked the celebration. At first, she celebrated victory because she simply forgot that the Austrian had made the escape to a successful end. In the end, she had to settle for a silver medal. “I was wrong, I didn’t know anyone had arrived in front of me,” Van Vleuten admitted, startled.

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TOP troupasky of 2021: Sparta, UEFA and the famous hockey league – – scored