Super Max in tears after his victory in Abu Dhabi and his crown: “I finally had a little luck”

So many emotions, what a final bouquet for this fireworks display that lasted ten months.

At the end of an unbearable suspense, Max Verstappen was able to let his joy explode and could not hold back a few tears by falling into the arms of the members of his team, but especially his daddy Jos.

“It’s amazing, I can’t believe it, I don’t know what to say,“exclaimed the new world champion as he descended from a single-seater. “I fought through this whole difficult race. I have cramps, I can’t take it anymore.”

His start from pole was not good. “No, it’s true it was not my best. Lewis passed me and I tried to pass him again on the first big braking at the end of the long straight line. I thought I succeeded in my maneuver by staying on the track, but Lewis cut and ended up in front with a good lead, straight out of my DRS’s reach. I couldn’t believe it. I expected a penalty, but nothing. “

The Belgian-Dutch fulminated under his helmet: “Of course there is no penalty yet. But what are we doing here?”

But by repeating that the FIA ​​is still against him, that the race management is not impartial, Michael Masi was going to make a very questionable decision at the end of the GP with the safety car offering him the opportunity to go and research Lewis and the title. “For once, I was lucky with the accident at Latifi and the safety car. I came back to put on the soft tires which allowed me to pass Lewis in turn 5 on the very last lap. . I was afraid that he would double me in the draw in the next two straights, but I was able to resist him. I thank my Red Bull team who did a fantastic job. I want to stay with them all my life . Thanks also to Sergio Pérez who helped me a lot today. At the moment, my first thoughts go to my parents. To all the sacrifices they made so that I could one day come to this. I’m a kid, I wanted to become F1 world champion. It’s now done. I’m very moved and very proud. “

As for the complaint lodged by Mercedes? “She sums up the season in front of them …”

Read, they are sore losers …

Horner: “I screamed for them to restart the race”

Never had we seen Christian Horner so moved. In the memory of an F1 journalist, the principal team of Red Bull has never displayed such emotion, even during the first titles of 2010 with Sebastian Vettel. It was all the tension that suddenly came down for this former F3000 driver, who was bombed as a young team manager 16 years ago. “We yelled at the end to let them run!”, comments the Briton. “I’m so proud of Max and the team for what we’ve been through this year. Max never gives up. Seeing him finish by being a world champion is an incredible feeling. The last 10 laps I thought about what I was going to say to Max and the guys to console them and then it was a fluke with the safety car. In the end the safety car, we needed something from the racing gods and we have it had today ”. We’ll try to celebrate well in Milton Keynes.

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Super Max in tears after his victory in Abu Dhabi and his crown: “I finally had a little luck”