Striscia la Notizia, the truth about the Ambra-Allegri case

TORINO – They waited 20 days, now they have decided to clarify or at least to express their point of view. The editorial staff of Striscia la Notizia with a long press release signed by Mediaset spoke of the tapir delivered to Ambra Angiolini following his separation from Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri: “After 20 days of silence – reads the press release – in transmission, Gabibbo and Professor Roberto Lipari have decided to return to the media case on which almost everyone, even the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti Family, have spoken. And often nonsense. Tonight in Striscia the many fake news will be dismantled one by one. And, finally, there will be the scoop. We will also explain why this storm could end the day after the delivery of the Tapir, avoiding death threats to Valerio Staffelli, Vanessa Incontrada, Alessandro Siani and their children. Instead. Other than a wall of love …“.

Le “fake news”

They are listed below in the note what are called “fake news” related to the case: “First Fake News demolished: Amber’s tapir was an ambush, a violent act against the will of the actress. The Gabibbo shows you the outsider of the approach of the envoy Valerio Staffelli to Ambra, who is in the car when he sees him. He might walk away. Instead he goes down, and follows the tapirofore to gladly accept the consolation prize. The many images in which Angiolini can be seen laughing and making jokes at Staffelli will also be shown“. We then move on to the second:”All to say, even Minister Bonetti, that the Tapir was given to the alpha male and that Striscia committed gender discrimination. The Gabibbo shows you pictures of past deliveries: Scamarcio, Borriello, Monte, De Martino and many others who were given the Tapiro when their cover loves ended. “If they had been engaged to a Whirlpool worker”, Gabibbo comments, “no one would care!”“. Finally the third:”Striscia was accused of blaming Amber for not being able to keep her partner. Sentence never pronounced. If anything, it was Mara Venier in a television interview with Angiolini (May 2, 2021) who insinuated him. “If you’re in love, you don’t have to let the person you love escape,” she says. But then, strange, no controversy afterwards“.

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On complaints

At this point the press release continues: “It is then up to Professor Lipari to show how, thanks to this strategy, Ambra Angiolini has gained more than 50 thousand followers on social media, thanks to what Il Fatto Quotidiano has defined as “the profitable role of the victim”. And so the profitable soap opera is kept alive, with the actress’s lawyers entering the scene announcing complaints against Staffelli and Striscia for illegitimate interference in privacy. Lipari, however, explains that, if he has not lapsed, Bruno Vespa should also be denounced and shows a video of Porta a Porta in 2015, when the journalist frolics Ambra on the end of love with Francesco Renga. And Mara Venier should also be denounced (the video is shown, May 2, 2021) who asks the actress if the story with Massimiliano Allegri is closed. And then the dozens and dozens of newspapers and sites that come out every day with news such as: Allegri asks for the rent of the Milan house to the ex, or on the alleged discovery of a blond hair in the car of the Juventus coach, should be denounced. So we ask ourselves: but who could have an interest in divulging this news that is known only to the two characters involved? Maybe someone who has a strategy to implement“. It’s still: “Lipari points out that, by chance, in a few weeks a film will be released with Ambra as the protagonist in the role of the woman abandoned by Fabio Volo. The film in question is titled “For a lifetime”. The plot of which was summarized by a well-known weekly as follows: “When a yes does not last forever”. Forever, coincidentally, it is also in the sentence that Ambra posted accompanying the tattoo she got with her daughter a few weeks ago. Has the hype already begun?“.

The phone call

The note from Striscia la Notizia concludes: “And finally, a twist. Ambra is represented by an agency called Notoria Lab, always careful that their customers have the maximum possible reputation. According to some sources, the post in defense of the betrayed mother of her daughter Jolanda appeared on Instagram shortly after the delivery of the Tapiro, complete with photos, would have been concocted right in the Notoria headquarters. This morning Staffelli then went there and was able to see that the place where the photo posted by Jolanda was taken is just that: the headquarters of the Notoria Lab agency. The most serious thing, however, is that the whole controversy could end. the day after the delivery of the Tapir. When Vanessa Incontrada phoned Amber and they explained and clarified. But Angiolini in his live radio and Instagram has never given news of this fact. Thus the death threats to the conductors, to Valerio Staffelli, to their children were not avoided. “Other than a wall of love, a wall of hypocrisy”, specifies Gabibbo. As our Roberto Lipari says, we are still talking about a Tapir and if we have to get angry, let’s turn it into beautiful things! Anger makes us grow, makes us overthrow dictatorships. So, let’s not waste it on things that never happened, on Tapirs, on bullshit!“.

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Striscia la Notizia, the truth about the Ambra-Allegri case